Lenori is a member of the Greencloaks and is their most talented visionary. Her spirit animal is a rainbow ibis named Myriam.


Lenori is an Amayan woman with long blue hair. She wears a simple dress and her cloak draped over her shoulder. She also wears many beaded bracelets and necklaces and has strands of beads as well as feathers in her hair.


Lenori is kind and wise, and seems to have a fondness for animals, as shown when she says "Hello, there! Oh, sorry Keeper, I was talking to your spirit animal". She also seems to have a sense of humor, as shown in "You might be able to scratch Olvan with those" and "Try not to use that in the castle". She also seems to be unaware of Keith's crush on her, as shown when she sees him sad carrying dead flowers, and says he must be having trouble with his spirit animal.

In the Books

Blood Ties

Lenori is mentioned a few times by Xue and is revealed to have been trained by her.

In the Game

In the Spirit Animals game, Lenori helps you keep track and change your skills. She also appears in the introduction and at the final battle with Drina.



  • According to Olvan, Lenori is very good at creating textiles, especially cloaks.
  • She is scared of snakes, but she never lets anyone know this.
  • There is a unique item in the game called Lenori's Cloak.
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