Lishay is a Zhongese warrior whose brother died in battle. Her former spirit animal was Zhosur the white tiger. However, after he died, it became Zhamin, the black tiger who used to belong to her brother.

In the Books

Blood Ties

Lishay was an escort for the main group, taking them through Zhong to get to Dinesh. On the boat they were on, her dead brother's spirit animal, a black tiger named Zhamin, attacked Uraza out of fury. Lishay's spirit animal at the time, Zhosur, a white tiger, helped the other tiger calm down. In the battle for the Slate Elephant of Dinesh, her tiger Zhosur was killed by General Gar's saber. She was grief-stricken at her faithful partner's death. But, Zhamin appeared and became her new spirit animal, potentially saving her life.

Rise and Fall

Lishay attended Tarik's funeral in Greenhaven, giving a speech about the good times she had with him.

The Book of Shane Trilogy

Book 2

Unbeknownst to Shane and Achi, Lishay had been following them through Nilo. When Shane and Achi decide to stop near a Conqueror camp, Zhamin attacks them, but Shane uses The Golden Lion to blow the tiger away. Shane then turns to Achi and accidentally opens his mouth, sending Achi flying also. Lishay then appears, telling Shane to put Achi down and 'die with some dignity'. She tells him that he would pay for killing her ancestors, her spirit animal, and Tarik. Shane then summons Grahv to guard Achi and starts fighting Lishay, using The Obsidian Ape to find her weaknesses. He realizes that her greatest weakness was Zhamin, because the tiger meant everything to her. Grahv picks up Achi in his jaws and Shane knocks Lishay unconscious, and they leave towards the Conqueror village.


  • Lishay is the first known human to bond with a second spirit animal. This was because they had
    both lost their partner, and they had been close already and bonded. This also proves it is possible to have more than one spirit animal, just only one at a time. If your spirit animal dies, and you bond with one that lost it's human, it is officially possible to bond with that animal.
  • Lishay now has a tattoo of her white tiger, that is faded because he is dead, and a black tiger which was her brother's, her new spirit animal. This may be a reference to the Yin-Yang
    symbol, along with the symbol Finn showed Meilin.
  • Tarik may have a crush on her, there is also a tiny bit of evidence she feels the same. In the Book of Shane, Lishay was about to refer to Tarik as the man she loved, and was furious at General Gar for killing him.
  • In Blood Ties, she was mistakenly called 'Linshay'.
  • There is a unique item in the game called Lishay's Cloak.
  • Lishay is a Hebrew name that combines the names "Li", meaning "for myself", and "Shay", meaning "gift". This might mean her name means "gift for myself"
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