Lord MacDonnell is the Lord of Glengavin, his city in Eura. He appears prominently in Hunted. His spirit animal is a Hare, but its name is unknown.

In the Books


MacDonnell runs a very strict city in Eura, that Finn brings MeilinAbeke, Rollan, and Conor to after their narrow escape from Trunswick. At first, he is shown to be a very jolly man, but Rollan notices that his children act like "perfect little slaves," that when he eats everyone goes silent, and the chair for his spirit animal is empty and dusty. He adores all the children, especially Meilin's disciplined behavior, Rollan's wit and Conor's wolf, Briggan, because he is the Fallen Beast of Eura. He tests Conor in a game of chess, but Conor does not know chess, so he loses. When Essix gets stuck on the higher floor, a harp player goes to get her, telling Rollan he shouldn't risk it. When she is caught, she is forced to break her harp and work in the kitchen. MacDonnell states it is his castle, his law. He also tells them about his hare, how he didn't want it and teased it, so it ran away, making Meilin realize that might happen with Jhi if she isn't careful. When the group asks for access to the garden to find Rumfuss, he hesitates because of his law, but Conor offers the hare for it. After the battle for Rumfuss, they do not have the hare and MacDonnell refuses to let Rumfuss, or them, leave. Rumfuss then summons the hare and tells MacDonnell to apologize so he can have his spirit animal back. He then releases Rumfuss and becomes shocked when Finn is finally able to summon Donn, the legendary black wildcat back out of dormant form. 

The Evertree

Lord MacDonnell was mentioned when the news of the Conquerors' invasion of Glengavin reached the Greencloaks. Glengavin was overrun, but most of MacDonnell's army was still intact. In a battle with the Conquerors in Stetriol, Conor notices that a person in Olvan's backup had MacDonnell's crest.


  • Lord Macdonnell locked up Rumfuss because he missed his bond with the hare and felt that Rumfuss would be like his spirit animal 
  • The hare had been living under MacDonnell's bedroom, meaning it still missed him.
  • After Finn summoned Donn, MacDonnell said he knew the legend couldn't have been that "snub Trunswick boy."
  • His father's name may have been Donnell
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