Maddox is a former Conqueror who appears in the game and The Book of Shane.


Maddox is a pale man with a red beard, a bald head, and a crooked nose that never healed correctly.[1] He also has broken teeth[2] and wields a morning star as a weapon.

In the Game

Maddox is a crazed Conqueror who has kidnapped Talon, leading Worthy and the Keeper to him. In the final underground quest, Maddox fights the Keeper while summoning more and more spirit animals to his aid; three of them were snakes, armadillos, and bears. When he is defeated, he warns the Keeper about The Wyrm and disappears. He also had a spiral mark on his forehead, similar to Zerif's.

In the Books

The Book of Shane #4

Maddox has assembled the "New Conquerors", a band of pirates that were formed into an army and plan to take Stetriol back from the Greencloaks' rule. However, he is eventually overthrown by Shane and Karmo, both reformed. He runs off to the game's events.


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