Maya is an Euran Greencloak who debuted in Fire and Ice. Her spirit animal is a fire salamander named Tini, and with him she possesses the power to summon fire in the palm of her hand.


Maya is a young girl with a pale face and curly ginger hair.[2] She has bright blue eyes[3] and a lizard tattoo on her forearm. She also has a burn scar on her cheek from a Conqueror battle in Arctica, an injury possibly caused by her own inferno.


Maya first appeared in Fire and Ice. She appears to have an easygoing, happy personality, though she can be timid and is not much of a fighter. She is a Greencloak, and has been for only a little longer than Conor, Abeke, Rollan, and Meilin, as she is only a little older.

She appears to have a very close bond with Tini. She often baby-talks to him, referring to him with names such as 'sticky-footed little genius.'

She is scared after the fight with Suka. When the team battles the Conquerors, she sets almost the whole area by the docks on fire, killing many of the non-Greencloaks. Her power appears to have been enhanced by her fear, as one of her first seen fire attacks did not harm the common polar bear.

In the Books

Fire and Ice

Aided Rollan, Meilin, Conor, and Abeke through the Arctica trek.

The Evertree

In The Evertree, Maya travels from Eura to Greenhaven and re-unites with the group along with Finn Cooley and Kalani. She joins them on their journey to She is shown to still have permanent traces of the scar she got in Fire and Ice, but is still her bright and friendly self.

When the group was at some docks, Tini was on the ground away from Maya and Donn started to chase him around. Finn scolds his spirit animal and apologizes to Maya, giving a reproachful look to Donn. Maya was shown to be friendly with Kalani.


  • There is a unique item in the game called Maya's Cloak.
  • Maya is a Hebrew name meaning "water", which is ironic, considering that she has fire powers.


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