On her Bonding Day, Meilin drank the Bile without knowing and summoned Jhi, one of the Fallen and a Great Beast. But far from being pleased, Meilin, expecting to call an animal whose expertise is fighting, was very disappointed and shocked to have called the gentle panda. Through most of the first book, she tries to tolerate Jhi, but many times flares up when the panda won't be nearly as war-like as she had hoped. Later, in a dream, Jhi approaches her and apologizes for disappointing her, causing Meilin to realize that her fighting spirit and the panda's gently healing nature compliment each other, and she starts to form a stronger bond and accept the each other's differences; Meilin soon starts to receive powers from Jhi. In Against the Tide, Meilin worries when Jhi disappears on Nightshade Island, and even kisses the panda on the forehead when she returns. When Meilin realizes her and Jhi's bond was forced by the Bile, she is devastated and wonders if Jhi felt trapped the whole time.

General Teng

Meilin holds great love and respect for her father, and in return, General Teng loves his daughter and wants to keep her safe. His wish to keep Meilin away from harm leads to him telling her to join the Greencloaks. Teng also wanted his daughter to summon a spirit animal, so much that he agreed to give her the Bile.


At first, Rollan and Meilin clashed, because they have different morals and senses of duty. They get into arguments frequently, but occasionally they would both show signs of caring for the other (such as when Meilin sleepwalks in Hunted, and Conor sees that Rollan has a concerned look on his face but quickly changes it to a smirk.) Rollan described her as the "snotty general's daughter", but enjoys getting a smile or even laugh out of her. They create their own inside joke about tutors in Zhong by teasing each other. Throughout the series, they learn to trust and care deeply for each other (the fact that they also have romantic feelings for each other becomes quite obvious). After General Teng dies, Meilin realizes that she was more like Rollan than she ever thought possible, and even admits that he would smile his 'Rollan smile' that she was coming to know so well. While attempting to calm Suka in Fire and Ice, they hold hands for the first time, and during their trip to Nightshade Island in Against the Tide, Rollan holds Meilin's hand twice as a source of comfort (to which Meilin feels the same). As Gerathon takes control of Meilin's mind and forces her to betray the Greencloaks, Rollan is devastated when he realizes what is happening to her, and angry that somebody gave her the Bile. Throughout Rise and Fall and The Evertree, they both miss and worry about each other greatly and when Meilin is cured of the Bile's poisoning and reunited with the group, Rollan hugs then kisses her, causing Meilin to become shy. Rollan admits that it seemed like the natural thing to do. Many other characters are aware of Rollan and Meilin's feelings for each other, such as Abeke, Xue, and Shane, and the two are often teased about it. They will both become flustered if the subject is brought up. Throughout the Fall of the Beasts series, the two remain close. Rollan becomes so avid to save Meilin when she is knocked unconscious in Stormspeaker that he hardly thinks about anything else, showing that he cares for her greatly. Meilin reveals in the same book that she used to believe love was a weakness, but that changed when she met Rollan.


In the first few books, Meilin is the person that distrusts Abeke the most. Meilin would frequently suspect her of spying on the Greencloaks, but her view started to change when she learns that Abeke hates Zerif just as much as Meilin does. Abeke tries multiple times to get Meilin to trust her, even telling her that she's hopeless on what to do to make her trust her. In Against the Tide, Meilin still suspected Abeke to be the mole that was secretly with the Conquerors, but she was proved wrong, and when they both get captured Meilin finally learns to trust Abeke. Meanwhile, Abeke continues to treat her kindly. By Rise and Fall they are good friends and Meilin even starts to cry in guilt when she accidentally attacks Abeke in her sleep. When they are separated once again, Abeke admits to Conor that 'Meilin was her friend, and she had no choice but to love her, whatever she did.'


In the beginning of the series, Conor was immensely impressed by Meilin, and a bit embarrassed to talk to her. Eventually they both regard each other as equals and friends. In a battle with the Conquerors, Conor makes a joke about using his axe, and Meilin admits to herself that it took courage to joke at a time like that. In the second series, Meilin and Conor journey to Sadre. Although Conor is infected with a parasite, Meilin is unwilling to leave him behind, even when Takoda and Xanthe believe they should. The two are shown to be very close, and Conor jokes about Meilin being afraid of heights.


Like the other Heroes, Meilin respected Tarik immensely, and was devastated at his loss.

Finn Cooley

She respected Finn deeply.

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