Monte is a Greencloak who lives with his spirit animal, a raccoon named Scrubber, and best friend, Barlow. He works at a bar with Barlow.

In the Books

Wild Born

When Monte first meets the group, he tries to get rid of them immediately. But when Rollan catches on that HE was the man they were looking for, Monte ran. At least, until he was finally convinced to take them to Barlow. On the quest to finding Arax, he told many stories and was very chatty, until the battle with Arax where Barlow died. He then went to Sunset Tower and renewed his Greencloak vows in honor of him.

The Evertree

He appears briefly in the battle to stop Kovo. He gives Rollan and Abeke better horses.


  • He was sort of like Barlow's sidekick, going to Arax when Barlow agreed to it and agreeing on most things with him after he's stated his opinion. 
  • Monte's name means mountain and may be called that because he lives in the mountains in Amaya
  • There is a unique item in the game called Monte's Cloak.
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