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"A villain all the way through, you think? I did not know such humans existed. No, indeed, I thought there were measures of good and bad in each of them."

The Book of Shane, Mulop

Mulop is an octopus Great Beast. He resides in Oceanus and is the main Great Beast of Against the Tide. In the second series, he is summoned as a spirit animal by a girl named Niri.


Mulop is a Great Beast that dwells in one of the Hundred Isles. He is a dark orange octopus with green eyes[1], and is very large, like every other Great Beast. Due to being the only Great Beast who lives underwater, he seems to be quite lonely, and frequently talks to himself. He does act in a positive, sometimes carefree manner, as shown in The Book of Shane's introduction. Though Mulop is quite isolated from them geographically, he and the other Beasts maintain a sibling-like relationship, as told by Jhi the Panda, and Mulop is sympathetic when he sees the Four Fallen as smaller versions of their once great selves.

In the Fall of the Beasts series, he is summoned by a girl named Niri. Their bond gives Niri the power of telepathy, which she uses to communicate with Kovo the Ape. Their bond is temporarily severed when Mulop is infected by a Wyrm parasite but he is eventually restored to Niri in the end.


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Mulop's talisman is the Coral Octopus. It makes the user's body gelatinous, so that they are able to squeeze through spaces that they usually couldn't. It also allows the user to breathe underwater. Conor uses it in Against the Tide.

In the Books[]

Against the Tide[]

The Kingray is called by the two sacred conches in order to find Mulop. When they arrive at the island that Mulop resides on, Rollan climbs into a large hole with Arax the Ram's talisman, the Granite Ram, on. When all of them climb down, they find Mulop. The octopus gives them The Coral Octopus willingly and also gives the team a challenge. Conor accepts it and tries out the talisman, and soon after, he goes missing. After that, the Conquerors find them, and Meilin betrays them because she was revealed to have drunk the Bile. She takes Abeke with her to the Conquerors' side.

The Evertree[]

Mulop, along with the other Great Beasts, sacrifices the themselves to stop Kovo from getting complete control over Erdas. At some point before The Burning Tide, Mulop is summoned by Niri as a spirit animal.

The Burning Tide[]

Abeke, Rollan, and Tasha are introduced to Niri and Mulop at the Redcloaks' base. Niri channels her bond with Mulop in order to communicate with Kovo, Meilin, and Conor, who are in Sadre. When Zerif's army of controlled Greencloaks attacks the base, Mulop is seen sabotaging one of the enemy ships from the water. He is infected with a Wyrm parasite, and his bond with Niri is severed, which causes her great distress.

At the end of the book, it is revealed that the infected Great Beasts were eventually able to re-bond with their summoners, including Mulop and Niri.


  • Mulop proves that spirit animals can be non-mammal underwater creatures.
  • A unique weapon in the Spirit Animals Game is called the Coral Warhammer of Mulop.
  • "For the love of Mulop!" is a Mulop-based idiom used in the series.
  • Mulop is the only cephalopod character in the series, and he and Gerathon are the only two Great Beasts who aren't warm-blooded.
  • He resides in Oceanus and calls it home.
  • Mulop is, with Uraza and Jhi, the only Great Beast to have a talisman which is not made with a metal or a rock.



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