Mustela is the Greencloaks' merchant in the Spirit Animals Game. His spirit animal is a weasel named Dahab.


Mustela is apparently a scammer, as many comments suggest, such as "I promise that I did not scam you in any way," and "Oh, don't look at me like that, I'm giving you the honest value for once". Most of his comments seem to be jokes, and he is shown to care for the player (the Keeper's) safety although he doesn't show it often.

In the Game

Mustela is the Merchant, where you may buy and sell equipment, buy furniture, change your hairstyle, and change the color of dye on rare, legendary, and unique equipment and weapons.



Early concept art of Mustela and Dahab

  • On the forums of Worlds Collide, it is revealed that Mustela was originally called 'Sleazle and the Weasel', but then Admin Erika S. came up with 'Mustela'.
  • He also has a Conqueror daughter, Faris, revealed in the level 36 quest where she is the boss.
  • In Immortal Guardians, Mustela is mistakenly called 'Mustado'.[1]
  • Mustela's name is Latin for "weasel", which is also the type of animal his Spirit Animal is.


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