A Nectar Ceremony is a ceremony performed in all regions of Erdas, except for Stetriol. It aids bonding with a spirit animal. All eleven-year olds have it; it is considered a rite of passage that marks the end of childhood. All the families and friends of the children attend to watch, and the children dress up for the occasion. Rollan said that even refreshments are served. And there are usually a lot of animals present--pets and live-stock, and several imported animals, possibly only if important children are sipping--as most believe children bond easier if animals are present.


The Nectar of Ninani is given to all eleven-year old children by Greencloaks. Then, if the person is destined to have a spirit animal, an animal will emerge. Currently the 15 Great Beasts are spirit animals instead of 'gods', as they died and lost their powers.


Some regions of Erdas have their own customs for Nectar Ceremonies. In Eura, the most powerful go first, as it is said that the ones who go first are the most likely to gain a spirit animal. In Zhong, however, conventional wisdom holds the opposite, and so the most powerful go last. It is interesting to note that both Meilin and Conor bonded with a spirit animal, and they both went last. In Nilo, each child presents a gift to mark the occasion. It is unknown if Amaya, Oceanus, or Arctica have any customs.

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