The Nectar of Ninani is a clear nectar given to the Greencloaks from Ninani, the Swan Great Beast. It tastes like the drinker's favorite food and/or drink. This also makes bonding with a Spirit Animal safe. It is received at one's Nectar Ceremony (although, it is not guaranteed that one will summon an animal). The first ever person to drink the Nectar was a boy called Tepin, (the first Keeper) who summoned a Tayra. When the old Evertree was destroyed, Bonding Sickness was destroyed too. This made the Nectar useless, so nothing happens if you drink it.


Conor in Chapter 1 of Wild Born:

"The nectar was thick like syrup, richly sweet, like fruit in honey. The consistency became more liquid once it was in his mouth. He swallowed. It tasted amazing better than anything he had ever tried."

Abeke in Chapter 2 of Wild Born:

"The nectar tasted like unheated soup, the kind her mother used to make with crushed nuts. It was sweeter, but otherwise strikingly similar."

Rollan in Chapter 4 of Wild Born:

"There was a restaurant that sometimes gave him sweetened cinnamon toast, his favorite treat. The nectar tasted sort of like that, but liquefied."

Tepin in Spirit Animals: Ninani:

"His mouth instantly filled with the sweet memory of granadilla fruit. It was delicious! He almost laughed from the surprise of it."


  • The Nectar cannot cure the Bonding Sickness but it lets the drinker avoid the sickness altogether.
  • It is seen many times that not every person has access to The Nectar. Whether this is due to neglect on the Greencloaks part or just low resources, is unknown.
  • When the old Evertree was damaged, the only safe way to Bond was with The Nectar.
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