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Nilo is a continent located in southern Erdas. It is similar to Africa in culture and appearance, and is ruled by a High Chieftain. Cabaro and Uraza originate from here.


Nilo's landscapes include deserts, jungles, and savannas. Zebras, wildebeest, hyena, and several different types of big cats live on the continent. Big cats are often seen hunting at night. Water and food are both scarce, but despite the harsh living conditions, many people thrive in Nilo. Houses are often made from mud, animal skins, and thatched roofs. Nilo is known for its export of coffee and its warm climate.

As mentioned throughout the books, Nilo has many myths and legends. These include the legend of the Rain Dancer and the Stormspeaker, and Kovo the Ape's folktale mentioned in The Book of Shane: Vendetta. The continent also houses The Evertree, the most important location in all of Erdas.

Towns, Cities, and Landmarks[]

  • Cabaro's Oasis: the home of Cabaro the Lion, and a major location in Rise and Fall.
  • Caylif: A town with a large marketplace and another location in The Return.
  • Okaihee: Abeke's home village.
  • The Evertree: A huge tree, which is also the origin of the spirit animal bond.
  • Maktaba: A monastery–the place where Takoda went after he was orphaned.
  • The Red Orchard: An orchard which housed Uraza's talisman in the First Devourer War.
  • Zourtzi: A revered military fort, which is owned by Faisel, one of the most wealthy merchants on the continent. It is also a major location in The Return.
  • Taabara Chasm: A sinkhole with three intersecting land bridges and a waterfall pouring down into it; there’s a pathway at the bottom leading to Maktaba.

Notable Characters from Nilo[]

  • Abeke: A main protagonist in the series, and the summoner of Uraza.
  • Irtike: One of the Heroes' companions who assisted in finding Cabaro's talisman.
  • Karmo: A recurring character who was bonded to a hamerkop, a bird featured in the Rain Dancer legend. He later appears as a Redcloak.
  • Kirat: The nephew of Tarik and the summoner of Cabaro.
  • Nefrini: A legendary Niloan hero, and the wielder of the Stormspeaker.
  • Takoda: The summoner of Kovo the Ape and a major character in the second series. He is also notable for being of dual heritage (Zhongese-Niloan).
  • Tembo: The first Greencloak.
  • The High Chieftain of Nilo: The leader of Nilo.
  • Chief Ugo: The relative of the High Chieftain.

Notable Events that Took Place in Nilo[]


  • Nilo is an anagram for "lion".
  • Nilo is the birthplace of Erdas (much like Africa) and the home of the first Greencloaks.


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