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“While I can’t move the shadow that has fallen across Erdas, I can offer the world a bit more light.”


Ninani is a swan Great Beast. She blessed The Greencloaks with Bonding Day Nectar, the only substance known to safely call a spirit animal. In the second series, she is summoned by a girl from Stetriol named Tasha. She also appears in the Spirit Animals Game.


Ninani is described as “white as snow.” As a Great Beast, she is very large, with a neck as large as a tree snake, with a woody black beak that is larger than Tepin’s arm. Tepin describes her “as white as the sun.” She has round, shining eyes.

In spirit animal form, she is described as “a large swan…[with] feathers as white as sunlight on snow.”[1]


Ninani is a beautiful white swan described with "feathers as white as sunlight on snow" who is known for her kindness. She is also very graceful in comparison to Tasha, who tends to be clumsy. The Greencloaks especially revere her for giving them the Nectar of Ninani. She, Tellun, and the Four Fallen are the Great Beasts who openly ally themselves with the Greencloaks.


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Ninani's talisman is the Marble Swan. It creates the Nectar and quickens your hands.

In the Books[]

The Evertree[]

Near the end of the book, Ninani assists Essix by attacking Halawir, then helped Essix, Uraza and Mulop keep Halawir in place so that Arax could ram the eagle into The Evertree and kill him. She later sacrifices herself along with all of the other Great Beasts.

Tales of the Great Beasts[]

While trying to exterminate humans from her territory, Uraza mentions that humans needed to stop bothering her and they should go depend on soft-hearted Great Beasts that enjoyed meddling in everyone else's business, like Ninani. In Essix's chapter, it states that Ninani seldom spoke and was the kindest and gentlest of all the Great Beasts, in fact during the whole Grand Council all Ninani said was "None of us approve of the Bile". At the end of the Council when Essix was chastising the Great Beasts that had decided not to fight, she used her insight and believed that, even though Ninani wasn't fighting in the war, she was going to do all she could to prevent the spread of the Bile and preserve Erdas.

Tale of the Great Beast Ninani[]

Ninani appears in a dream to Tepin, and when he pictures her, he achieves a sense of great calm. Tepin seeks her out with the help of Greencloak healer Anyati, and Ninani reveals to them that the Bonding sickness cannot be cured but that it could be avoided altogether with her new Nectar, which she gives to Tepin first before he summons a Tayra. This particular Tayra is unusual since it is implied that it protected Tepin as a normal animal in his quest to find Ninani. Ninani also revealed that the Bile was created by a talisman (Gerathon's).

In the Game[]

In the final level (level 40), before you fight Drina, Ninani appears to you in a dream, telling you that Drina has arrived in Greenhaven. She officially names you her 'Keeper'.


  • On a quest in Zhong, Gavi finds a lily and calls it proof that Ninani had appeared there at some point.
  • Ninani lives on the top of a waterfall in Southern Amaya.
  • "For/By Ninani's grace" is a saying commonly said about Ninani in the game.



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