Olvan is the commander of the Greencloaks. His spirit animal is a moose, and he is known to have a very loud, booming voice, and has a rather large addiction to coffee (especially Niloan coffee, as seen in the Spirit Animals Game). He is also seen as good friends with Lenori and Keith.


Olvan is a tall, muscular man. He has black hair, a dark brown beard, and a broad chest. He wears a mail shirt under his forest-green cloak.

In the Books

Wild Born

Olvan's first appearance was when he rode in with his moose and saved Rollan from Zerif.

Rise And Fall

Olvan gave a speech at Tarik's funeral, and helped in the fight with Shane.

Broken Ground

Olvan becomes infected and sides with Zerif after Zerif slips a small part of the Wyrm under Olvan's door.

Heart of the Land

Olvan gets bitten by a stone viper, which petrifies him. He is given just enough of the antidote by Oathbounds to blink, breathe, and stay living.

In the Game

In the game, Keith brings you to where Lenori and Olvan are waiting in the crest of a hill. Olvan welcomes you and tells you Lenori had a vision involving you. Lenori tells you to drink the nectar from the flask in which you oblige. After you drink it, you choose which spirit animal to get (including cheetah, several kinds of horses, maned wolf, and  tiger, though there are many more).

After you pick your spirit animal, a badger appears and Olvan tells you to free it by using a weapon. After you free it, You have to shoot a snake with your bow, then finish it off with the Charge skill, level 1. You then get taken to Greenhaven. Olvan is in charge of all the (aboveground) quests.



  • There is a unique item in the game called Olvan's Cloak.
  • "Olvan" is a Latin name meaning "peaceful"
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