Pojalo is the Niloan father of Abeke and Soama.

Wild Born

When Abeke returns from her successful hunt with her antelope, Pojalo gets angry at her because "she had set a bad example for the other children of her village and should've gave a better nameday gift". He is seen to always compare Abeke to Soama and gives Soama most of his attention.

When Zerif comes to fetch Abeke after she has summoned Uraza, Pojalo eagerly sends his daughter with him, though later is shown to regret his decision, blaming the Greencloaks for taking the village's new Rain Dancer, though it had not been the Greencloaks, but Zerif masquerading as one.

Rise and Fall

When the remaining Four Fallen, along with Tarik, meet with Polajo to tell him that his daughter has been taken by the Conquerors, they find that the previous chieftain is dead, and that Polajo is the sucessor. He shows a distinct lack of grief at the and tells the Greencloaks that he spurns them for taking his daughter, when the village desperately needed her as their Rain Dancer. He curtly reprimands Conor for insisting on telling him what happened, and shows clear favoritism towards Soama, his eldest daughter. Conor is shocked that a parent would not love their child, and grows bitter at Polajo and Soama, possibly because of his supposed crush on Abeke.


  • It is said that we have not seen the last of him in Rise and Fall. Whether he will be in the last book of the first series, or make an appearance in the second series eventually is unknown.
    • He later on appears in the Evertree.
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