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Princess Song is the daughter of the Emperor of Zhong, and the last Empress of Zhong.

In The Dragon’s Eye, it is revealed that Princess Song is affiliated with The Oathbound and is the one who arranged the assassination of her father.


Song is a very short girl and appears only slightly older than the Four Fallen summoners. She has black hair and brown eyes, and wears green silk.[1] In Heart of the Land, she is wearing a braid with jeweled pins with a robe embroidered with deep ocean green and emerald.


Song's first appearance describes her to be the perfect image of a princess, and Meilin compares her to her past self before she summoned Jhi. She is shown to be polite, kind, and graceful.

In The Dragon's Eye, however, it is revealed that Song had a difficult past and was hiding her true nature throughout the series. She was at odds with her father, the Emperor, especially when she summoned her spirit animal, who the Emperor thought was useless. Song also dealt with disappointment from her other peers, and because of those experiences she grew to hate her spirit animal and became desperate to prove herself. She resented her father for restraining her just because she was a girl, and so she plotted to kill him, which she thinks took "great confidence"; though it weighed greatly on her mental state, and she was continuously haunted by images of him.

Kana was Song's only friend throughout her struggles, and it was because of their friendship that the Zhongese princess allied with The Oathbound. Song also mentions that she had Kana had been planning the Emperor's death for many years. Later, as several characters had predicted, Song's own crazed ambition results in her defeat.

In the Books[]

Heart of the Land[]

Song stops Brunhild from attacking the Four Fallen at the entrance of the Citadel, telling her to treat the Heroes like guests. She later befriends Meilin, and is revealed to be the Emperor of Zhong's daughter. When her father is killed, she is noted to look horrified.

The Dragon’s Eye[]

Song first appears at the Emperor's Summer Palace in Xin Kao Dai while the Four Fallen are imprisoned by the Oathbound. She tells Kana to release them, and reveals that her father's murder was her own doing. She also releases her spirit animal, a Zhongese water dragon, and informs the Heroes that she wants The Dragon's Eye in order to make her spirit animal "great".

She is assumed to be dead when her and Seaspray crash into the cliffs and disappear into the waves.

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  • The name "Song", in Chinese, means "pine tree."



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