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Raisha is a girl from Southern Zhong who summons Gerathon the serpent.


Raisha has long black hair and tanned skin. She is very pretty from first glance, but after taking a closer look most people finder her rather plain. According to Cordalles it is obvious that her family is wealthy.


Raisha comes from a family of wealthy merchants. Compared to her siblings, her parents didn't pay much attention to her, and they planned for her to live a normal life and marry the son of another merchant. However, Raisha was not satisfied by this, and wanted to do something grand in her life. At some point, Zerif approached her, and Raisha, desperate for adventure, decided to work for him. Due to her average, innocent appearance, she was able to sneak around without suspicion from others.

In the Books

Tales of the Fallen Beasts

Raisha helps Zerif collect the Great Beast spirit animals as they appear. She appears in all four chapters, most predominantly her own chapter, where she summons Gerathon the Serpent and escapes from the Mire, a Zhongese prison. Once Zerif finds out that she had summoned Gerathon, he enslaves her despite her pleas for him not to.

The Burning Tide

Enslaved Raisha appears to hold Abeke back while The Wyrm bonds to Zerif.



Despite Gerathon's earlier disdain for humans, she appears to be close to Raisha. They respect each other, and Raisha is not afraid of her spirit animal, and even seems to like her. When Gerathon killed Dorell, Dorell asks why, and Raisha responds that she trusts the cobra. Gerathon attempts to free herself to help Raisha when she is cornered by Zerif.


  • "Raisha" is an Arabic name meaning "a young gazelle".
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