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Renneg was the spirit animal of General Gar, but was being used by Shane to hide his identity as the true Devourer. He was a wolverine.

In the Books

Wild Born

Shane reveals to Abeke that he has a spirit animal; a wolverine. It is noted that Shane had no sign of a tattoo, and he never summoned Renneg out of passive state. This is the first clue of Shane's real identity.

Blood Ties

He appears in the battle for Dinesh's tailsman, the Slate Elephant, as he attacked Conor from behind. Abeke was about to strike Renneg with an arrow, but at the last second, out of shock, she punched him instead, knowing who the wolverine 'belonged' to. As Abeke and Shane had a moment of silent recognition, Briggan jumped at Renneg as he tried to attack once more. Shane called Renneg back, and he made an odd coughing noise.

Rise and Fall

When General Gar is killed in the sand avalanche, Conor and Rollan discover his body. When Conor kicks it, the body rolls over and reveals Renneg, dead, underneath. Conor and Rollan then realize that Renneg is not Shane's spirit animal; he is Gar's.


  • The coughing may have been Renneg's natural noise that Conor did not recognize, or perhaps Briggan caught him on the throat.
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