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"Our vow is a lifetime commitment to stand united with the Greencloaks and defend Erdas."

–Rollan, Heart of the Land

Rollan is a 13 to 14-year-old boy from Concorba, Amaya. He is the summoner of Essix the Falcon, one of the Four Fallen and a Great Beast. He is one of the main protagonists of the series, along with Conor, Abeke, and Meilin.


In the beginning of Wild Born, Rollan was a few months short of turning 12 years old, making him the oldest of the Heroes of Erdas. He has tanned skin with short, tousled dark brown hair,[5] brown eyes,[6] and a gyrfalcon tattoo over his heart. He also is revealed to have a clash of scars on his wrist, most likely from Wikerus clawing him when he was a child.[7] It was mentioned in Wild Born that he is taller than Meilin.[8]

On cover art, Rollan wears a gray shirt with a multicolored sash, brown pants, and brown boots. He also wields a staff.

He previously wore a slate gray cloak, but it changed to a green one after joining the Greencloaks.

In Immortal Guardians, he is described by Meilin as having shiny, unkempt dark hair, with an impish grin.


Rollan has been shown to have a very strong sense of justice and fairness. Due to being an orphan, and growing up on the streets as thief since running away from his orphanage at age nine,[9] he is very independent, to the point of resenting help from others. Despite his rough background, Rollan is often the joker of the group and likes to tease other characters. He gives himself the responsibility of seeing if a suspicious person is lying or not, due to the intuition Essix gives him. Usually, he is spot-on with his accusations. He also frequently has bad experiences with riding animals, such as horses and rhinos, and claims to dislike a variety of animals, including walruses, weasels, and naked mole rats.

Rollan initially refused to fully trust his fellow Greencloaks (Conor, Meilin, Abeke, and Tarik), but later comes to view them as his closest friends and trusts them deeply; he calls Conor his best friend and sees Tarik as a father figure, giving him the nickname 'old man'. When Dorian seemed to be replacing Tarik, Rollan was quick to judge his actions and compare his decisions to what Tarik would have done. He also has romantic feelings for Meilin, which she returns as seen in the books Fire and Ice, Against the Tide, The Evertree, Heart of the Land, The Wildcat’s Claw, Stormspeaker, and The Dragon’s Eye.

In the Books[]

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Tales of the Great Beasts[]

At the very end of the book, Rollan is seen through Essix's eyes as she is summoned by him.

Wild Born[]

Rollan first appears in the chapter 'Essix', where he is revealed to be a street orphan living in Concorba, Amaya. He lives with his orphan friends Digger, Red and Smarty. At the beginning of the chapter, Digger is revealed to be sick to the point that he might die if he doesn't get medicine. Rollan, Red and Smarty head out to a nearby apothecary, where Rollan approaches the storekeeper Eloy Valdez and tries to convince him that Digger desperately needs Willow Extract. Rollan even offers to work for him to get it, but that only annoys Eloy further and the storekeeper orders his lackey, Aldo, to throw Rollan out of the apothecary. While Eloy and Aldo are distracted with Rollan, Smarty darts behind them to the counter and grabs the willow extract. Eloy, furious, accuses Rollan of distracting him on purpose so that Smarty could steal the medicine. Rollan tries to justify himself but is thrown to the city's militia.

When caught by the militia, Rollan is put into a cell. He talks briefly to a man in a cell next to him, who had lost his spirit animal. After that a member of the militia approaches Rollan's cell, asking how old he was and if he had taken the Nectar yet. Rollan replies that he's almost 12 and that he hadn't had the Nectar yet. The militia member leaves shortly and returns with a Greencloak woman. The Greencloak offers him the Nectar, and Rollan drinks it. He then summons a gyrfalcon with amber eyes; Essix, the patron beast of Amaya. The Greencloak and militia member are shocked, leaving Essix in Rollan's cell with him and leaving. Another man approaches Rollan's cell, introducing himself as 'Duke Zerif'. Zerif tells him that he has paid his bail and releases Rollan and Essix from the cell, and they leave the jail together.

While leaving with Zerif, Rollan begins questioning Zerif, asking him what happened to the Greencloak from before. Zerif chuckles, and says that this is way beyond her skills. But Rollan starts to grow suspicious of Zerif. Essix quickly alerts Rollan of how dangerous the older man is. Trusting his spirit animal's judgement, Rollan runs, and is chased by Zerif and his jackal spirit animal. The chase is stopped by the appearance of a man astride a moose, and Zerif flees. The man introduces himself to Rollan as Olvan, the leader of The Greencloaks. He urges Rollan to travel with him to Greenhaven, and Rollan agrees. Upon arriving at the Greencloaks' headquarters, Rollan is introduced to Conor and Meilin, who had summoned Briggan the Wolf and Jhi the Panda. He clashes with Meilin, while also thinking that Conor seems shy and unimpressive.


Rollan is first seen in the book when Abeke enters the training room, late, and he frowns at her. Later, in the training session, the children are taught how to defend themselves with everyday things such as brooms, handkerchiefs, pans, lamps, vases, and spoons. Rollan teases Meilin by giving her a handkerchief saying, "Here, this one won't scratch up your noble hands," and Meilin teased back by handing him a pan and saying, "And here's one for you, it doesn't require much brains to use it," and take to their marks as told. After that round, the kids are supposed to take a new weapon, and Rollan argues with Meilin over a vase; Meilin ending up with the vase, Rollan the flowers. After the training session, Rollan, Abeke, and Conor come along with Finn and Tarik to inform Meilin that there was bad news; Zhong has fallen to the Conquerors, and that Meilin's father, General Teng, was missing.

Later, Rollan was on-board a ship watching some odd waves and feeling seasick. Abeke found him and told him that the odd waves were a whale's bumpy back poking up and diving under repeatedly. Rollan, since they were alone, asked Abeke how she knew that. Abeke awkwardly said that with the Conquerors' ship, she saw the same waves. Rollan, not very smoothly, asked if she had any inside information about the Conquerors, and she said not much. While talking about their Nectar ceremonies, Rollan realized that Abeke was the first person he un-teasingly told about his strange Nectar ceremony. Rollan hadn't been sure whether he should trust Abeke or not, and the conversation ended a little awkwardly.

Once they reached land, Rollan was riding on a rude horse and working on getting smiles out of Meilin, whom he described as the "snotty general's daughter". Abeke thought that perhaps his horse was jealous of his and Essix's bond. The horse's human partner had fallen in battle, which is why Abeke suspected that the horse was jealous of the bond. Rollan didn't really think there was anything to be jealous of, as Essix and him weren't very close at the time. While riding, an animal jumps and attacks Tarik; and with the help of Essix's intuition, Rollan realizes that they were being ambushed by Conquerors. He tries to tell his horse to get closer to the battle, but the horse rears twice and flings him off, then runs off. Rollan runs to Tarik and tries to warn him about a Conqueror's snake, but the snake bites him in the arm, and Essix swoops in to blind the attacking Conqueror before he can kill Tarik. Rollan grabs the sword the Conqueror dropped and holds him at swordpoint. The Conqueror pleads for mercy, but he still has his snake, and Rollan tells him that he doesn't trust anyone; the snake lunges and he slices it in half. But, his sword keeps swinging, and strikes the Conqueror right in the leg. Rollan is surprised because it was the first time he had struck anyone with a sword. He then turns his attention to Tarik, who tells him and Conor that the snakebite was venomous. They realize that Finn, Meilin, and Abeke had disappeared, but decide that helping Tarik was more important, so they head to a Greencloak's house that was nearby. In the mysterious Greencloak's house, the Greencloak agrees to help heal Tarik. She then tells Conor and Rollan that they must trek to find the the talisman alone, since Tarik is too sick to go with them. He and Conor alone go to Trunswick, only to be captured and put in the Howling House. They are rescued by Meilin, Abeke, and Finn and proceed to battle Conquerors in the courtyard. They escape successfully and proceed to the next city, Glengavin.

In Glengavin Rollan notices that there is a lot of rules and says that the rules are stupid. he also seems to be growing his bond with Essix because he no longer has to have her touching him to see things more sharply and Essix gives him some intuition in times when he needed it a lot like when Abeke was captured and what to do when they saw Rumfuss the Boar.

Blood Ties[]

At the beginning of the book Rollan is travelling with Abeke, Tarik, and Conor to find Meilin and Jhi and training. Rollan seems to be very irritated with the rest of the Greencloaks, as they keep asking if he's okay. He also appears to be angry at Conor, who had gave up the Iron Boar talisman to the Conquerors, for the safety of his mother. While Conor, Abeke, Tarik, and Rollan train together, Essix points out something, and it turns out to be a stormy petrel, which is a messenger bird. Rollan mentions that he heard a song about stormy petrels, which are apparently thought to bring storms, or bad luck. Tarik takes the bottle from the little bird, and inside the bottle there is a small paper. As he unrolls the letter, Tarik states there is no news of Meilin, and there are new orders. They are ordered by Olvan to go to find Dinesh the Elephant, so they can obtain the The Slate Elephant. They are to go to Kho Kensit, where they are to go to the Inn of the Bright Moon. Tarik explains that Kho Kensit is an outline region of Zhong, where it is held by Conquerors. Rollan suggests that they should be disguised as minstrels. But they can't dress as minstrels since they don't have any instruments, and don't have the ability to play them either. Conor suggests being shadow puppets. Rollan seems skeptical about Conor's idea. Rollan asks Conor if he'll keep this talisman this time, and Conor nods, ashamed.

While they are wading ashore to Kho Kensit, Rollan wishes that they'd come up with a plan where he didn't have to get so wet. Rollan states that there's a thick fog surrounding him. Rollan states that the fog and the water is surprisingly warm. Rollan is carrying shadow puppets, along with Tarik, Abeke, and Rollan. Rollan doesn't understand why Conor had given the Iron Boar talisman, and he didn't understand why Meilin had run away. He didn't have family himself, so he didn't know how it felt like. Rollan keeps getting distracted by Meilin and her running away, and he doesn't seem to know why he's so concerned that she's gone. Rollan struggles to keep up with the rest of the Greencloaks, wary of sinkholes in the water. They hurry out of the water, and hide behind a building, just as three fishermen walk out the building. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Rollan realizes that he was looking at the sun with eyes much more keener than his own. He blinks and slowly realizes that he is looking out through Essix's eyes. Conor suggests they should hide out until nightfall, when everyone is outside fishing. Rollan snaps at Conor, very annoyed. Just as they are about to sneak into the city, Tarik suggests that he should go first, so the others would have a better chance. Rollan shakes his head and tells Tarik to pretend to be their bodyguard.

They sneak through the city, Rollan in the lead and Tarik at the back. Rollan quickly realizes that the fog was lifting, and there were two guards, guarding the city. Rollan realizes that one of the guards might be a Conqueror. Rollan quickly devises a plan to distract the guards. Rollan tells the others that he'll distract the guards, and they walk by after him, so they don't get noticed. He tells them to meet at the shaded side of the tower. Rollan then distracts the guards, and the others trail behind, looking innocent.

Rollan later catches the Sunset Death which nearly kills him, but The Tergesh eventually give him the cure. He later asked Dinesh for his help in the battle for the Slate Elephant. Dinesh gives Rollan the Slate Elephant in the end.

Fire and Ice[]

In the beginning, Rollan is trying to cheer Meilin up by telling her a joke and calling her 'Lady Panda'. Meilin leaves and goes to collect wood with Abeke when two men started fighting about money and thievery. Rollan shows up, telling them it was a man named Jarack who stole the money. After, he goes back to camp just in time for Jarack to try to kill him with a knife. Meilin saves him and for the second time, he holds her hand and smiles at her.

Later, they enter Samis thanks to Conor. The next day, Conquerors break into Samis, only seven of them, and Rollan's mother is among them. Rollan runs into an alley, hoping that his mother would not be there. But she is. She starts telling the whole story of why she abandoned him. Rollan tells his mother that he had to go and he runs off.

He meets Pia in her kitchen and he asks what she was hiding. She gave him a compass and told him it led to Suka. Rollan takes the compass and hides it until the next day. Rollan wakes up everyone, telling them to go. Still, he tells no one about who he met the day before. They go across a river and continue their journey to find Suka. On one point, the compass bursts and a note from Pia wrote: I'm sorry. They then try to find Suka on their own, and finally arrive at an Ardu settlement. They stay one night there, but the next morning, they told the Ardu about their quest to find Suka, and the Ardu told them to leave.

Meilin and Abeke find the ice city, and Maya tried to break Suka out of the ice. Instead, she awoke her and Suka tried to attack them. Rollan finds Meilin, telling her that Jhi needed to fight Suka. He holds her hand, telling her it was alright.

On their way back, Rollan pulls the rope tied to Meilin playfully, and she does the same back. That pull causes them to nearly fall over, but they use them selves to hold each other up. Their faces were close, the fur on their hoods already brushing. Abeke suddenly pulls on the rope and says: "If you two are done playing kissy face." Rollan put one hand on the rope that tied him to Meilin, though.

They head back to the docks; where they came from. The Conquerors are there. Conor attacks Shane and that begins the fight. Rollan's mother Aidana pulls him aside and tell him to come with her. Rollan disagrees and Aidana attacks him on the influence of the Bile. Rollan runs back to a boat of where his friends are, and he jumps on the boat, but he drops the Crystal Polar Bear, Suka's talisman. A walrus takes it away, and Rollan states how much he hates walruses.

At the very end, Essix finally agrees to go into passive state and forms a tattoo over his heart.

Against the Tide[]

When Rollan, Meilin and Tarik return from Nightshade Island, Kalani considers them tapu (Evil and not to be addressed) and completely ignores him. This continues until The Evertree. Rollan also is still recovering from his heart break with his mother. Tarik is very worried about Rollan and so is everyone in there clan. At the end of the book Rollan is trying to make Essix land so they can make a high flying get away when he sees Mellin. Mellin is being Bile controlled and Rollan is again reminded of his mother. After Meilin and Abeke are carried away Rollan tells Tarik that its the Green Cloaks fault that Mellin got the bile and they should have protected her.

Rise and Fall[]

Rollan uses Essix's vision quite a bit and is one of the last people to see Tarik alive. Rollan is almost killed by Cabaro but Tarik gets him away in time. They go looking for Conor and Irtike and they get trapped by Cabaro. Gerathon comes for them and goes to bite Rollan but Tarik steps in front of him and takes the bite. Rollan has to leave Tarik to die and when he tries to pull Tarik with him he breaks the clasp on his cloak. Tarik looks at Rollan and tells him to go. When Shane comes he questions Shane about Renneg. Shane releases his crocodile and charges into Greenhaven. Rolan scales the animals back while it is moving showing great skill. At the end he hides two talismans when Shane and Halawir come for them, letting his friends breath a long sigh of relief.

The Evertree[]

Rollan is seen wearing green at last in Tarik's honor. He is more serious and less of a joker now. When Dorian becomes their new guardian, Rollan compares him to Tarik. He doesn't like Dorian but feels sad when Dorian is killed by a stonefish. Later he is shown to help Meilin go back to her normal self. He kisses her near the end of the book. Rollan's mother also comes the Green Havan and is reunited with her son, this time for good.He says that the four fallen and their animals will always have/be a family.

Immortal Guardians[]

Shortly before this book takes place, Rollan sends Meilin a message saying that The Evertree was sick and she needed to come to Greenhaven. He greets her at Greenhaven and discuss the brewing war. Rollan and Abeke sail to Amaya, to find Tellun and his bond. When they pass by Concorba, Rollan mentions he wants to go back. Abeke says they will on the way back and find something from markets for their friends. They don’t end up doing so. Rollan jokes that Meilin should get him a gift, like a fossilized cave bat. They find Tellen in a nomad camp and learn that Tellun is bonded to a boy named Anda, but on the way back to Greenhaven they are ambushed by Zerif. Tellun gets captured but a Redcloak helps them and Zerif retreats. Rollan also uses a bow and arrow and isn't half bad with it.

Broken Ground[]

Abeke and Rollan head on to Greenhaven Castle and are sent to find Ninani and her bond, Tasha in Stetriol. They find her and Rollan convinces her to come with them. The Many attack the city, but the Redcloaks help fend them off. Abeke, Rollan, and Tasha are able to escape with the Tellun's Pride II. On their way back they find out that Greenhaven has fallen and that they must find Cabaro in Nilo.

The Return[]

Rollan, Abeke, and Tasha met Dante. They told they had to get Cabaro; plus, they had to warn them that Zerif is coming to get his spirit animal. Dante said Cabaro was where Faisel‘s family is.His summoner is Kirat. While they were going to warn them (Kirat and Cabaro) Meilin, Conor, and Takoda where in a island called Arachane Fields next to Sulfur Sea. It turns out that Kirat is Tarik's nephew and LaReimaja's son who is tariks sister. She gives him something and he tries to give her Tarik's cloak but she tells him to keep it. They are rescued by King, a Redcloak.

The Burning Tide[]

Rollan tries to comfort Abeke but she is very hurt. Rollan, Abeke, and King all go down to the place of desolation. Rollan is teased and laughed at a lot. Rollan talks with Mellin, Takoda, and Kovo. Shane says that Mellin is Rollans girlfriend and Rollan gets very defensive. Rollan also almost get his life sucked from him and he is saved when Abeke reverses the bonds and tides by ringing the bell in the Volcano. He is reunited with his friends at the end.

Heart of the Land[]

Conor, Abeke, Rollan, and Meilin all receive a summon from Olvan, inviting them to a conference held by all of the nations of Erdas. At the conference, the leaders are attacked by "Fakecloaks," people pretending to be Greencloaks, and the Emperor of Zhong is killed. Princess Song orders the Oathbound to capture the Greencloaks.Conor, Rollan, Abeke, and Meilin run with Olvan and lock themselves in a room, at which point Olvan gives them the Heart of the Land and instructs them to reveal it, before being bitten by Brunhild the Merry's spirit animal, a stone viper, which turns Olvan into stone. They manage to escape with the help of Anka and her chameleon spirit animal.They run from the Oathbound for several days, and board a ship to Amaya. Conor and Rollan both attempt to sleep on the cots on the ship, but Conor has a nightmare about the Wyrm. The heroes go to Rollan's home continent and hometown of Amaya,Concorba. Rollan goes to see his mother although he knows that it could cost him dearly because he loved her. His mother, Aidana, helps Conor and Rollan escape from the The Oathbound. Rollan and Meilin almost kiss near a waterfall but then the Oathbound attack. Rollan reveals the Heart of the Land and Kikimi talks to Rollan. Rollan figures out how to use the amulet and uses it powers to stop the Oathbound and make a way to safety.

The Wildcat’s Claw[]

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The Dragon’s Eye[]

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  • In Wild Born, he mentions that his friends tried nicknaming him "Justice"
  • The name Rollan could mean 'renowned in the land'. This could be a reference to the fact that Amaya is sometimes called 'the new lands'.
  • In Hunted, Rollan told Conor that his father "rudely up and died on him".[10]
  • Rollan likes sea voyaging because he likes the feeling of freedom and fresh air, which he never had in Concorba. He also likes it because it is the opposite of horse riding.
  • Rollan does not often whine. He is seen doing so in Immortal Guardians because he wants to visit Concorba.
  • Rollan described being away from Essix as feeling like someone was scratching at his eyelids.
  • Rollan often jokes and talks about food that he would like to eat. He seems to really to like stew.
  • Rollan in Bangla ( রোলান), in Spanish, in Telugu, in Urdu, translates (through Google Translate) to roll.
  • Rollan translates to roll on in German.
  • Rollan translates to rolling in Sudanese.
  • Rollan dislikes walruses, naked mole rats, weasels, and horses.
  • Out of all the characters, Rollan has the least amount of appearances on the book covers.



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