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Rumfuss is a boar Great Beast. He is about a carriage tall with long, deadly tusks, and an extremely thick hide. In the second series, he is summoned as a spirit animal by Dawson Trunswick.


Rumfuss is very large with very thick skin. It was told by Cabaro in the Tales of the Great Beasts that he was the least popular Great Beast. Jhi thought of Rumfuss as one who stayed true to himself and had a good heart. Essix described Rumfuss as rarely being happy and amused only by things such as arguments.


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Rumfuss's talisman is the Iron Boar. It makes the user's skin impenetrable. In Against the Tide, Zerif uses it when Abeke shoots an arrow through his heart.

In the Books


When Conor, Meilin, Abeke, and Rollan arrive in Glengavin, a banquet is thrown in their honor. While they are sleeping, Devin Trunswick and Karmo arrive there in the night. Uraza hears Devin and Karmo and sneaks out of Abeke and Meilin's bedroom. Kunaya goes after Uraza. Abeke wakes up, but is captured and put in a trunk outside of Glengavin. Devin and Karmo look for Rumfuss, and the team splits up. Conor and Finn Cooley look for Lord MacDonnel's spirit animal, while Meilin and Rollan search for Abeke. They complete their missions, but then Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan use Essix to find the way to Rumfuss. They find him, but Devin follows them in and it is revealed he snuck an army of Conquerors into Glengavin. There is a battle. Conor and Finn hear it and find Rumfuss and the rest. Conor is nearly killed in the battle, but Rumfuss eventually fights to protect the Greencloaks. The group wins the battle, and Rumfuss thanks them for fighting for him, which results in him giving them the talisman, the Iron Boar. Rumfuss travels back with them out of his gardens and is freed from his prison by Glengavin guards.

The Evertree

Rumfuss sacrifices himself by ramming into the Evertree. He is the second one after Tellun the elk.

Tales of the Fallen Beasts

Rumfuss is summoned by Dawson Trunswick, to the surprise of Devin. The Earl of Trunswick had planned a celebration for Dawson, but it never happened due to Zerif and Raisha stealing Rumfuss away.


  • Rumfuss is a bit slow in speaking, but can easily get a point across. ("Why.... give it to you?") ("Thank you...... for fighting with me.") (" want.")
  • "You can bet the bristles on Rumfuss's back" is a phrase used by some Eurans.
  • Despite children are unable to summon spirit animals of the same species as the Great Beasts, some Conquerors have boar spirit animals.  

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