Sadre is the name of the underground World below Erdas. It is described by Conor as "an endless repetition of caves and caverns and tunnels" that all seem the same, except for a few slopes, slight changes in temperature, or strange air currents. Though the Sadreans know almost all of the caves and have set up traps for The Many and escape routes to save people. You may take on quests in Sadre in the game. The people who live underground in Sadre are called Sadreans, and their most prominent features are their white skin, white hair, and pink eyes (a result of never being exposed to the sun). Sadre is overrun by The Many, who are revealed to be former Sadreans, and assist in the fight against The Wyrm. Sadre's last major city, Phos Astos, fell to the Many in Immortal Guardians, though by Stormspeaker, it is mentioned that the city is being rebuilt. The Evertree lights the Caverns.

Through the Entrance, the cave slopes down for a mile, then opens up into a small cavern with a puddle of dark water in the middle. There is a stalagmite covered in wet purple-glowing moss and mushrooms over the floor. The ominous sound of the crunching of the rock fills the cavern. There are also sounds of small creatures and running water filling the cave. The cave branches into 2 small tunnels that are barely big enough for Meilin while crouching, and much too small for Briggan and Kovo. The left tunnel narrows until a person can only get through by lying flat. The rock contracts and expands until it presses around a person. The tunnel opens up into a cave full of sulfurous air. This leads to a nest of The Many. But above this cavern is a tunnel that branches backs to above the previous cave.

It was implied that Shane visited Sadre with Yumaris, as he has one of its glowing purple mushrooms in The Book of Shane: Venture.

Towns, Cities, and Landmarks

Notable Sadreans

  • Xanthe: A girl who helps the Four Heroes along their journey and becomes close with Takoda, she is a native of Phos Astos.
  • Ingailor: A father like figure to Xanthe who is one of Phos Astos's elders he gave his life to the many to save Xanthe.
  • Teutar: The first mate pirate of The Meleager.
  • Atalanta: The captain of the Meleager.

Notable event(s) to take place in the Sadre

Culture, Customs, and Life

  • When Sadrean children are old enough to walk, it is tradition for their parents to take them a short distance away from the city and leave them to find their way back. As they get older, their parents take them farther and farther. This is how they learn how to find their way around the caves, by, in Xanthe's words, "listening to the caves." However, not all Sadreans know how to and during the challenge, some children never find their way back.
  • To find their way around caves, Sadreans kneel and feel the stone. This is how they listen to the caves.
  • Sadrean parents teach their children survival skills at an early age. This includes: how to make light using rocks, how to find food and safe water sources, which mushrooms are safe and which are poisonous, and how to identify markings from water eroding the rock.
  • Even without light, some vegetables grow, like carrots, potatoes, fungi, and yucca. Sadreans farm these for food. They also grow rockweed.
  • Herbs also grow underground, feeding off of minerals in the rock. Sadreans likely use these as medicine.
  • Xanthe mentions that there are birds that squeak in Sadre. She most likely means bats.
  • Sadreans use fire as one light-source, but they also have flares that come in different colors: blue-white, pink, and lavender.
  • They tell the time by listening to the sound of water in the cave rocks, the height of the ground blooms, and whether the wall rushes are awake.
  • They burn moss that makes fire burn blue.



  • "Sadre" is Erdas spelled backwards.
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