Sadre is the name of the underground tunnels below Erdas. You may take on quests in Sadre in the game. The people who live underground in Sadre are called Sadreans, and their most prominent features are their white skin, white hair, and pink eyes (a result of never being exposed to the sun). Sadre is overrun by The Many, who are revealed to be former Sadreans, and assist in the fight against The Wyrm. Sadre's last major city, Phos Astos, fell to the Many in Immortal Guardians, though by Stormspeaker, it is mentioned that the city is being rebuilt.

It was implied that Shane visited Sadre with Yumaris, as he has one of its glowing purple mushrooms in The Book of Shane: Venture.

Towns, Cities, and Landmarks

  • Phos Astos: the only mentioned major city of Sadre.
  • The Sulfur Sea: A vast underground lake.



  • "Sadre" is Erdas spelled backwards.
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