Samis is a town near the southern edges of Arctica


People who live in Samis drink water from a pond that Suka the Great Beast used to drink from. It lengthens their lifespan, and they are immortal as long as they keep drinking it. However, they can never have children, and there are no elders in the town.

They are known to herd caribou. They have a leader who controls the village called Pia.


Samis started out as a normal town. Suka came every year on New Years Day to drink from a pond in the town. One day, Pia, the village's leader, was curious and watched Suka every year until she was well aged. One day Suka didn't come; this was because she froze herself. To complete the tradition, Pia drank, and realized the pond might have been powered by Suka's unused, suspended strength. It gave the village the power to live forever, as long as they kept drinking. At first everyone did, but a few people stopped, learning that life ends. They either created their own village, or went to Eura; this was not stated clearly. The only people still there drink from the pond's waters, keeping their perfect lives. When the Greencloaks arrive in Samis, Rollan thinks of it as odd they have time to carve wood and have perfectly painted houses. When it is discovered by him that the pond's water extends their lives, Tarik suggests they drink to test, but Pia warns them against it, finally admitting it is true. She gives Rollan a fake compass that leads the Greencloaks away from any known town. The Greencloaks, believing that they are close to where Suka should be, continue into land where no food or water is usually found. They almost run out of food, but find the Ardu people. Meilin especially seems very angry at the Samis people, saying that, '[Pia]She would lead us to our deaths to protect her own artificially extended life.'


  • Samis is based on the Sami, Scandinavian people who are the only people allowed to herd caribou in those countries.
  • Samis also has a noticeable resemblance to The Netherlands.
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