Abeke(Shabeke or Coneke?)

People debate: Is Abeke in love with Shane or Conor? I think that she was in love with Shane (he is on her mind 24/7) but now, since he died and she actually kissed Conor, maybe now it's more on the Conor side.


Obviously, Rollan and Meilin are deep in love. They are working on kiss 3. First kiss was in the book The Evertree . Second one in Heart of the Land .Worthy calls Rollan and Meilin Reilin. 


Xanthe and Takoda are also in love. In Stormspeaker , they kiss. No one knows if it the first time or if its the last, and I'm not sure that it's possible for a Sadrean and an Abovegroundian(what?) to marry.


Head over heels ABEKE!


He feels hesitant to love Abeke. She kissed him, so yeah, he's starting to submit and love her back. Besides, Reilin is a thing, so should Conor join the fun? I don't think Conor deserves Abeke's love.

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