Here you will find a list of all unique equipment, furniture, and other items in the Spirit Animals Game.


The armor in the game varies in shape, material, and power. There are four levels of rarity: common (gray), rare (blue), legendary (purple), and unique (yellow; unique armor is usually difficult to find). Armor includes weapons and talismans, as well as clothes. The clothes/armor you find will come in various materials; the common ones are tellunum, kingwood, and redheart. Armor can also sometimes come in sets named after the Great Beasts.

List of Unique Armor

(donated by Cen)

Icon Name Armor Amount Perk Bonus
Glowwood Chestplate356Frost Armor (formerly Rebounding)+3.5% Critical Rate
Glowwood Gloves178None+3.5% Critical Rate
Glowwood Leggings224None+3.5% Critical Rate
Glowwood Shoes134None+3.5% Critical Rate
Wild Weald Chestplate356Spiked+3.5% Health
Wild Weald Gloves178None+3.5% Health
Wild Weald Leggings224None+3.5% Health
Wild Weald Shoes134None+3.5% Health
Golden Sky Breastplate499Reflective+3.5% Melee Speed
Golden Sky Gauntlets250None+3.5% Melee Speed
Golden Sky Leg Guards314None+3.5% Melee Speed
Golden Sky Boots187None+3.5% Melee Speed
Meteorite Breastplate499Friction Burn+3.5% Movement Speed
Meteorite Gauntlets250None+3.5% Movement Speed
Meteorite Leg Guards314None+3.5% Movement Speed
Meteorite Boots187None+3.5% Movement Speed


Icon Name Level Armor Amount Bonus
The Penance of RedAny (given upon completing the last underground heroic quest)3+3.5% Max Health
+3.5% Movement Speed
Ramie Cloak23+5.0% Health
Wool Cover33+5.0% Armor
Flax Cloak43+5.0% Melee Damage
Monte's Cloak54+5.0% Ranged Damage
Evelyn's Cloak74+5.0% Ranged Speed
Barlow's Cloak84+5.0% Crit Chance
Finn's Cloak126+7.5% Armor
Lishay's Cloak136+7.5% Melee Damage
Xue's Cloak179+7.5% Ranged Speed
Maya's Cloak1911+7.5% Movement Speed
Lenori's Cloak2114+10.0% Health
Olvan's Cloak2317+10.0% Melee Damage
Kalani's Cloak2419+10.0% Ranged Damage
Chinwe's Cloak2725+10.0% Ranged Speed
Archer's Cape3453+15.0% Ranged Damage
Assassin's Cover3666+15.0% Melee Speed
Hunter's Cloak3774+15.0% Ranged Speed
Seer's Cape3882+15.0% Crit Chance
The Promise of Green3992+1.5% Max Health


All level 40 unique weapons have a 10.5% bonus.

Most weapons have a critical hit chance of 9%.

Melee (Unique)

Icon Name Max Attack Damage Max Attack Speed Bonus Perk
Iron Warhammer of Rumfuss 13252 104 Critical Rate  Cleansing Burst
Crystal Warhammer of Suka 13252 104 Melee Damage Undaunting
Silver Ax of Briggan 14353 96 Melee Speed Synergistic Bond
Bronze Dagger of Halawir 8847 156 Movement Speed Cleansing Burst
Coral Warhammer of Mulop 13252 104 Health Unyielding
Granite Ax of Arax 14353 96 Critical Rate Unrelenting
Jade Staff of Gerathon 11050 125 Critical Rate Symbiotic Bond
Platinum Staff of Tellun 11050 125 Melee Damage Symbiotic Bond
Amber Dagger of Uraza 8847 156 Critical Rate Unrelenting
Slate Sword of Dinesh 12151 114 Movement Speed Cleansing Burst
Marble Spear of Ninani 13252 104 Movement Speed Synergistic Bond
Obsidian Ax of Kovo 14353 96 Melee Damage Unrelenting
Bamboo Staff of Jhi 11050 125 Health Unyielding
Gold Sword of Cabaro 12151 114 Melee Damage Unyielding
Copper Sword of Essix 12151 114 Critical Rate Unrelenting

Ranged (Unique)

Icon Name Attack Damage Attack Speed Bonus Perk
Compound Shot 9493 133 Ranged Damage Seeker
Bird of Prey 9493 133 Movement Speed Spirit Bolt
Ramrod Ballista 15758 80 Critical rate Seeker
Charging Buck 15758 80 Movement Speed Spirit Bolt
Serpent’s Sting 9493 133 Critical Rate Seeker
Retractable Sniper 9493 133 Ranged Speed Spirit Bolt
Tide Cutter  9493 133 Armor Tri-shot
Scorpion Trigger 15758 80 Ranged Damage Tri-shot
Viridian Coil 9493 133 Armor Tri-shot
Hunter’s Favor 15758 80 Health Seeker

Equipment Perks

  • Undaunting: Weapon does more damage based on how many enemies are attacking you, with 5% more damage done with every enemy after the first.
  • Boost XP: You and your allies gain 5% more XP. The more allies who have this perk, the higher the bonus- up to 20%!
  • Friction Burn: While in motion, leaves a short-lived burning trail that damages enemies on contact.
  • Rebounding: Enemies that attack you from close range have a 20% chance of being pushed away.
  • Unrelenting: Weapon damage increases by 10% each time the same enemy is struck, up to 50% total. The bonus resets to 0% if a different enemy is struck.
  • Synergistic Bond: The target is marked for 3 seconds. A marked target takes 15% extra damage from spirit animals or allies. Targets can only have one mark at a time. Each hit renews the mark.
  • Symbiotic Bond: When your spirit animal attacks an enemy, you receive a small portion of health.
  • Cleansing Burst: Animals freed from enslavement expel its evil effects in a small burst that damages nearby enemies.
  • Unyielding: Weapon does increased damage if your health is low. At 5% health, the weapon does 90% extra damage!
  • Spiked: Enemy melee attackers are damaged for 25% of your attack strength.
  • Spirit Bolt: Ranged weapon fires one or more additional mystical projectiles, which seek enemies other than the one you're targeting and deals minor damage.
  • Tri-shot: Ranged weapon fires three arrows at different angles, which allows you to defeat multiple enemies at once. Especially useful in Multiplayer mode.
  • Frost Armor: Enemies that attack you from close range have a 20% chance of being slown.


By taking on heroic quests, you will acquire several of the Great Beasts' talismans to use against the Conquerors. Besides being influential in the books, they also give huge boosts in the game.

Every talisman offers a 20% boost in a certain attribute.

Talisman Boost Level Heroic Quest Unlocked
Amber Leopard of Uraza Faster Melee Attack Speed Level 10
Marble Swan of Ninani Faster Movement Speed Level 15
Bamboo Panda of Jhi Higher Health Level 20
Copper Falcon of Essix Higher Ranged Attack Damage Level 25
Obsidian Ape of Kovo Higher Melee Attack Damage Level 30
Silver Wolf of Briggan Higher Chance of Critical Attack Level 35
Bronze Eagle of Halawir Faster Ranged Attack Speed Level 40


Mustela, Greenhaven's merchant, has wares available to the player. He sells equipment, special items, and furniture. You may also change your hairstyle, and dye your equipment. (For a list of hairstyles and dyes, see Player and Skills page!)

Special Items

Icon Name Description Price
Mystery box Mystery Box A intriguing box containing a surprise item. What could be inside? 2437 Gold
Exp boost Experience Boost A mysterious item that doubles the experience gained for one hour. 6 Ghtoken


Icon Name Bond Points Price
Dak's Delectable Cheeses 30 1 Ghtoken
Sacred Conches 10 1 Ghtoken
Samurai Saladin 30 1 Ghtoken
Food Dish 40 187 Gold
Stitched Toy 40 1 Ghtoken
Fire and Ice Banner 45 1 Ghtoken
Euran Potted Plant 10 318 Gold
Zhongese Potted Plant 10 318 Gold
Niloan Potted Plant 10 318 Gold
Amayan Potted Plant 10 318 Gold
Bumpy Toy 60 2 Ghtoken
Animal Bed 20 375 Gold
Ornate Brush 0 412 Gold
Standard Lamp 10 562 Gold
Bathtub 20 750 Gold
Jeweled Brush 0 3 Ghtoken
Animal Bed (Level 14) 40 937 Gold
Elegant Lamp 20 1,012 Gold
Amaya Banner 45 4 Ghtoken
Eura Banner 45 4 Ghtoken
Zhong Banner 45 4 Ghtoken
Nilo Banner 45 4 Ghtoken
Greenhaven Castle Painting 25 1,200 Gold
Wooden Table 15 1,312 Gold
Bathtub (Level 12) 30 1,500 Gold
Stately Lamp 50 6 Ghtoken
Croc Sparring Dummy 60 7 Ghtoken
Earthy Rug 25 1,875 Gold
Serene Rug 25 1,875 Gold
Elegant Table 25 2,250 Gold
Greencloak Bed 50 2,512 Gold
Wooden Table (Level 8) 25 2,512 Gold
Four Fallen Painting 40 9 Ghtoken
Stately Table 20 10 Ghtoken
Wooden Chest 25 3,746 Gold
Greencloak Bed (Level 10) 40 4,125 Gold
Wooden Table (Level 11) 50 4,500 Gold
Stately Table (Level 16) 30 20 Ghtoken
Fireplace 80 10,312 Gold


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