Solo Quest


Single-player quests have four difficulty levels: Casual, Normal, Challenging, and Heroic. Casual quests are free, while Normal and Challenging quests cost gold; you also have the choice of using Greenheart tokens to play a Challenging quest. Heroic quests are presented with each level you progress, and usually involve a boss battle. A new Heroic quest will not appear until you complete the previous one.


A player can go on quests in Nilo, Zhong, Amaya, Eura, or Sadre. Sadre quests can be accessed by talking to Worthy in the courtyard.

Bile Animals
Black Widow
Black Bear
Sika Deer
Whip Snake
Brown Bear
Whip Snake
Black Widow

Each region has its own set of bile animals. The bile animals will typically be 1-3 levels higher than you, but are fairly easy to defeat. Some animals also have special attacks, such as:

  • Bears will perform an circular area attack around them that slows players in and around the circle.
  • Big cats (lions, lynxes, jaguars ect.) will stand up on their hind legs and quickly attack players that are directly in front of them for a few seconds.
  • Hoofed animals (wildebeest, zebras, elk ect.) will stand a certain distance away from a player and then charge, resulting in a stun. They can also heal themselves.
  • Spiders poison players when they attack.
  • Raccoons and Tanukis will use vine growth, which will slow players caught in the area of effect.
  • Snakes will spit balls of poison at players.

The difficulty of a bile animal is determined by its color and the amount of skulls by its tag. The order from easiest to hardest is as follows: green, yellow (1 skull), orange (2 skulls), red (3 skulls), purple (boss + crown icon). These colors are indicated by the tile beneath the animal.

Heroic Quests

Heroic quests are where the story of the game takes place. With each level progressed, a new heroic quest is given, until the player defeats Drina at level 40. Additionally, if the player chooses, underground heroic quests can be completed, adding a new storyline which ends at the defeat of Maddox. Both storylines can be played simultaneously.

List of main storyline heroic quests:

Level Region Boss Reward
2 Nilo Bile animal - Wildebeest Ramie Cloak
3 Nilo Conqueror - Kwane + Lion spirit animal Wool Cover
4 Eura Conqueror - Jenny + Bear spirit animal Flax Cloak
5 Amaya Conqueror - Luiza + Jaguar spirit animal Monte's Cloak
6 Zhong Conqueror - Jun-seo + spirit animal --
7 Eura Conqueror - Benot + spirit animal Evelyn's Cloak
8 Amaya Conqueror - Raven + Jaguar spirit animal Barlow's Cloak
9 Zhong Conqueror - Min-seo + spirit animal --
10 Nilo -- The Amber Leopard
11 Amaya Conqueror - Fito + spirit animal --
12 Eura Conqueror - Bjorn + spirit animal Finn's Cloak
13 Zhong Conqueror - Kwang-seo + spirit animal Lishay's Cloak
14 Nilo Conqueror - Zuri + spirit animal --
15 Amaya -- The Marble Swan
16 Amaya Conqueror - Itzel + spirit animal --
17 Zhong Conqueror - Abhay + Whip snake spirit animal Xue's Cloak
18 Nilo Conqueror - Kodwo + spirit animal --
19 Eura Conqueror - Frieda + spirit animal Maya's Cloak
20 Zhong -- The Bamboo Panda
21 Amaya Conqueror - Goyo + Jaguar spirit animal Lenori's Cloak
22 -- Conqueror - Illyana + spirit animal --
23 Nilo Conqueror - Sana + Lion spirit animal Olvan's Cloak
24 Zhong Conqueror - Jian + Whip snake spirit animal Kalani's Cloak
25 Amaya -- The Copper Falcon
26 -- Conqueror - X + Bear spirit animal --
27 Nilo Conqueror - Bekele + Lion spirit animal Chinwe's Cloak
28 Zhong Conqueror - Narayan + Whip snake spirit animal --
29 Amaya Conqueror - Gil + Jaguar spirit animal --
30 Nilo -- The Obsidian Ape
31 Eura Conqueror - Dierdre + Bear spirit animal --
32 -- Conqueror - X + Snake spirit animal --
33 Amaya Conqueror - Pinyi + Jaguar spirit animal --
34 Nilo Conqueror - Yeffa + Lion spirit animal Archer's Cape
35 Eura Devin Trunswick + Elda The Silver Wolf
36 Zhong Conqueror - Faris + Whip snake spirit animal Assassin's Cover
37 Amaya Conqueror - Ixita + spirit animal Hunter's Cloak
38 Nilo Conqueror - Kif + Lion spirit animal Seer's Cape
39 Eura Conqueror - Erika + Bear spirit animal The Promise of Green
40 Eura (Greenhaven) Drina + Iskos The Bronze Eagle

List of underground heroic quests:

Level Boss Reward
Any Bile animal - Infected Badger Green Dye
Any Bile animal - Toxic Jackal Purple Dye
Any Bile animal - Shadow Stag Yellow Dye
Any Bile animal - Toxic Lynx Cyan Dye
Any Bile animal - Giant Scorpion Brown Dye
Any Bile animal - Bear King Pink Dye
Any Bile animal - Blazing Anaconda White Dye
Any Bile animal - Dread Elephant Blue Dye
Any Bile animal - Blazing Jaguar Black Dye
Any Bile animal - Three Giant Spiders Red Dye
Any Maddox + Bile animals The Penance of Red

Cooperative Quest


You can choose to join up to three other random players in a Cooperative Quest. These quests are designed in "waves", with each round increasing in difficulty. A boss is randomly chosen, along with randomized bile animals, in each wave. At wave eight, the player(s) comes to a large, circular courtyard. After they beat that wave, they trace their steps back. Upon defeating wave ten, there is a possibility to earn a Greenheart token.

A defeated player will teleport to an empty room and be given a countdown until they are revived and sent back into the wave. If all players are defeated, then the game is over. The option to spectate allies is available through the glowing orb pedestals, each shining with a different color. After the boss is defeated and the round ends, a menu will pop up with the results and rewards along with the next round's enemies. Items and XP can be earned each round and players on the side bar will be given a title for their performance during the wave. It will give the player the option to either continue to the next wave or leave.

Versus Quest


In addition to Cooperative Quests, Versus Quests are also multiplayer. Four is the maximum amount of players, with two on the side of the Greencloaks, and two on the Conqueror side. The objective is to destroy the enemy's base and towers.

The game has two phases: attack and defend. During attack, one team gets four AI soldiers that attack the enemy until their health runs out. The defenders try to protect their base and towers. There are two towers on each team's side, and both are able to fire a projectile at the enemy team. Once all four of the AI soldiers are down, the roles switch.

Another feature is power-ups. One way to get them is by "killing" an opponent. When any enemy soldier is defeated, the opposing team obtains double attack power for 10 seconds. There are two areas on the map where additional power-ups can be obtained.

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