The Spirit Animals Website is the official website of Spirit Animals. The game and the forums could be found here, but now you cannot access the game. The website is also connected to Worlds Collide, a series of events that included Spirit Animals, The 39 Clues, TombQuest, and Infinity Ring, the four main 'multi-platform' Scholastic series.


The forums, otherwise known as the SAMB (Spirit Animals Message Board), is a message board that people who read spirit animals go on. It is run by admins, and occasionally the characters and authors of the series will post on the forums/interact with the fans. Book cover reveals and game-related news are posted on the forums as well. Some of the admins on the website are also authors, e.g. Nick Eliopulos (Nick E) and Gavin Brown (Gavin B). A wikia for the denizens of the SAMB, as well as other Scholastic message boards, can be found here.



Clans are joinable player-made groups, each with its own name, creed, and crest. Each hero a player has made on their spirit animals account can be a part of one clan at a time. Players are given the option of either creating a new clan, or joining an existing one. If you choose to create a clan you will be able to:

  • NAME YOUR CLAN: This can be any name you like, but it must be approved by the moderators. No two clans will be permitted to have the same name.
  • WRITE YOUR OWN CLAN CREED OR MOTTO: When a player creates a clan they will be able to have an official creed or motto that will be displayed on their clan’s profile. This will need to be approved by our moderators as well.
  • CREATE YOUR CLAN CREST: Players who choose to create a clan will be able to use our clan crest creation tool. This is a series of pre-made art, emblems and colors that can be combined to make a unique crest for a clan. The clan crest will appear on a hero’s avatar, showing everyone which clan they are a part of!

I am sorry to inform you all that the game has been taken down, and many of you have lost days, weeks, moths, and/or years of progress. BUT there is still a cool wiki that you can look through to find information that you are unsure about. The books can be found in many different libraries or ordered online! Check them out! ~TheCrazyCatLady133

Spirit Animal FAQ

To create a clan is 6 tokens, whereas to join a clan is 1 token.

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  • The largest clan at the moment is the Silver Forest wolf clan with a total of 3827 members.
  • The feature of clans have attracted roleplayers from fandoms like Warrior Cats to original roleplays with wolves or lions. As a result, there are many "clans" that are centered around role playing.


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