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The Spirit Animals Wiki was established on the 17th of January 2013 by Monsunogirl. Monsunogirl vanished from the scene shortly after founding it, and the wiki laid mostly dormant until its discovery by H-awky on the 19th of October 2013. Under H-awky’s adminship, the wiki thrived until her disappearance in September 2019, possibly because of real life obligations or simply, growing out of this series. The wiki was left without an active admin for over a year. The wiki, with no active admins, was a mess with vandalised and forgotten pages until Perry Falcon, WORTHY and PineappleRing stumbled on it in separate times (Perry Falcon long before the others). They started trying to get Perry Falcon admin rights by spreading the word, but Perry was denied because he had recently tried to start a wiki. Things were looking down, as Perry couldn’t become admin until June 22nd. WORTHY took matters into his own hands and filed an adoption form (Anyone remember a user called “The Last Vote?”). Later that day, he discovered that EvieTheWarriorPrincess had sent him a screenshot, congratulating that he had admin rights! With his admin status, he made Pineapple and Perry admins as well. Under their new adminship with the help of Evie, the wiki thrived once more.

April the 1st 2021 was a heavy day for the current team: it was the last time WORTHY made any activity on this wiki, and has became inactive due to unknown reasons. This lead to a lot of discussion and wondering...

A spirit animals twitter was created after his disappearance. Follow “Spirit Animals Wiki Official” or “@SpiritWiki”! The creation of this twitter has lead to more active users.

Shortly after, the wiki received a huge update with Perry leading the team. Several pages were added during a duration of a month!

On August 12th, WORTHY returned to the wiki, revealing that he had been punished by his father for being too active on the wiki. His disappearance lasted 4 months and 11 days. WORTHY additionally revealed that he would not be as active as before, but he would not take any unannounced breaks.

The story of the wiki continues...


Vision Statement[]

To become the most reliable source of quality information about the Spirit Animals series.

Mission Statement[]

To build a wiki that consists of detailed and accurate information about the books, characters, authors and the world of Spirit Animals.


  • Finish Book Pages
  • Refine and patrol unchecked pages
  • Add all applicable categories for all pages
  • Eventually have art for all characters
  • Fix all pages to fit the style guide
  • Get more active users
  • Work on Project:World and Project:CharArt