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Stetriol (pronounced stet-tree-ole) is a continent located in the far south-east of Erdas. It is where the Conquerors originate from. Traditionally, it was ruled by a king, but he and his queen died, plunging Feliandor into rule too early. In the aftermath of the Second Devourer War the throne became vacant. Tahlia planned to take the throne, but was stopped by Shane.

Before the First Devourer War, Stetriol was very rich and prosperous. However, after the war, when Stetriol was isolated from the rest of Erdas, they became the poorest nation in Erdas.

In Heart of the Land, Stetriol's new representative, the Ambassador, attends the meeting with the other world leaders.


Stetriol is based on Australia[1] and possibly Indonesia (due to Komodo Dragons belonging exclusively to Stetriol while, in real life, they are only found in Indonesia.) It is known to be where The Devourer was born as well as most of the Conquerors, including General Gar, Drina, Shane, and Feliandor. Stetriolans typically have light complexions, usually with blonde hair and light eyes. The continent itself was described as a terrible to place to live, due to its arid deserts, the soil's inability to grow plant life properly, and low supply of natural resources that humans need to survive. Therefore, not many people live there, and daily life is harsh, even for the nobles. After the Wyrm was destroyed, hot jungles bloomed across Stetriol.

Stetriol was wiped off of Erdas's maps because of the First Devourer War, in which the conflict originated in Stetriol and the blame was pinned on the continent. It's fleet was destroyed by the Greencloaks, who also neglected to provide it with the Nectar of Ninani. Because there was no Nectar, Stetriolans developed the Bonding sickness easily and had to turn to another alternative: the Bile. The rest of Erdas seemed to be unaware of Stetriol's suffering and even existence because it had been removed from maps. This caused Shane, the heir to Stetriol's throne, to echo the actions of his ancestor, King Feliandor, and start the Second Devourer War. In the aftermath of the war, Stetriol was in ruin but slowly started to recover. Shane was banished from the continent and none of his family remained, which meant that there was no heir to the throne.

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  • Stetriol may be modeled after Australia because someone mentioned dingoes are native to Stetriol, and in the real world dingoes are native to Australia.
  • Stertriol's official animal is a serpent, shaped like an 'S'
  • Stetriol's first act of war was The Fall of Zhong



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