Your prey is not always in front of you, but sometimes behind.

–Book Quote, (from Chapter 3: "Nefrini's Crown")

Stormspeaker[1] is the seventh book in the Fall of the Beasts series. It is written by Christina Diaz Gonzalez. Uraza and Abeke are depicted on the cover.

Official Summary

Now fugitives, the young heroes must clear their names while evading the ruthless Oathbound. They head for a hidden refuge of learning in Nilo, hoping to discover the locations of the other two gifts. Guarding this knowledge are their old friends Takoda and Xanthe, along with Kovo the Ape. Some other characters from former books help and don't help. This book shocked me more than any other book. Read and find out why!

Conor, Abeke, Meilin and Rollan, once Heroes of Erdas, are now wanted fugitives. Framed for a crime they didn't commit, they've been hunted across the globe by the ruthless mercenaries, the Oathbound.

The four friends have traveled to the desert of Nilo seeking answers and an ancient and powerful relic that's connected to history of their world. There they discover a vast, secret library dedicated to persevering the wisdom of Erdas. But this Library houses more than just tones and scrolls. Guarding this knowledge are their old friends Takoda and a former friend, along with Kovo the ape. With the Oathbound following close behind, can the heroes risk branding their friends as traitors?

The 4 young Greencloak‘s have managed to stay just ahead of trouble so far but the Oathbound are catching up to them and soon they will have to face the worst...


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