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Out of Universe Point of View

When writing and editing articles, refer to events as in “this book.” For example, “Rollan and Abeke follow yaks in Immortal Guardians.” There isn’t really any other way to write it since we don’t know years in the books, but this is just for clarification.

Article Tense

Articles should be written in present tense, as if the writer is writing from a point just after The Dragon’s Eye. For example, Conor is a Greencloak with blond hair. This does not apply for deceased characters. When writing about plot, use past tense. Again, write from a point right after The Dragon’s Eye.


Articles should be written in American English. This is an English wiki, and the (English) books use American spellings and measurements. For example ‘color’ over ‘colour.’ Articles and pages should be corrected to fit this. They should not be ‘fixed’ to apply British spellings. This is to avoid inconsistency on the wiki.


Quotes should be made using the quote template (Quote| ) in the source editor. The quote format is as follows:

(name) to (name) in (''book name''): (''chapter number: chapter name'')<ref>(book and page number)</ref>

For book quotes that are not dialogue the quote format is as follows:

Book Quote from (chapter number and ''name'') <ref>(page number)</ref> They should be in Italics only, unless the quote is a thought, emphasis, or writing. Quotes can be used for book, character, and object pages. Do not include links within the quote. However, links to who the quote was spoken by/to are fine.

Article Layout

In order of how sections should appear on a page/article of a character:

  1. Quote about or from the character. Use template {{Quote| quote here}}
  2. An infobox (using the template {{Infobox}}). If the character doesn’t have enough information to fill out the infobox, a simply summary will suffice.
  3. Simple summary. For example, ‘Conor is a 13-14 year old boy from Trunswick, Eura.’
  4. An overview about the character, describing the character. Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan’s pages are all great references.
  5. The character’s appearance, unless not enough information is given. In that case, write the information that was given in the overview.
  6. A summary of what they do in the books.
  7. Relationships that they have with other characters. For this, make a new page titled [Character name]/Relationships. Conor and Abeke’s relationship pages are good references.
  8. Extra Quotes. Few characters will have more than 1 memorable quote, but if they do, put these in a separate section using the quote template shown in number 1
  9. Trivia. Put interesting facts about a character. The main characters’ pages are good references. If the character is very minor, then they may not need a trivia section but putting the meaning of their name is sufficient for a trivia section.
  10. Gallery. Put art of the characters here. Images can be fan made (though must be used with permission), from the books, or from the game.
  11. References. In source mode, add in {{Scroll Box|content = <references/>}} or copy and paste from a main character’s page.
  12. Navigation. In source mode, add in {{MainCharacters}} if it's a main character. If it's a Great Beast, add in {{Great Beasts}}. If it's neither, but still a character, add in {{ListofCharacters}}.