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Suka is a polar bear Great Beast. In the second series, she was summoned as a spirit animal by a girl named Anuqi. However Zerif steals Suka away with the Wyrm parasites.


Suka is a huge white polar bear with five fierce long black claws, each claw longer than a human girls' hand. Meilin estimated that five humans standing on each other's shoulders would be as tall as her. She froze herself and her talisman in a block of ice some time after the first war. After that, she was found by The Ardu. They carved a castle out of ice, and beyond that, a city out the ice surrounding her.


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Suka's talisman is the Crystal Polar Bear. It gives the user giant, invisible arms with boxing gloves made of wind.

In the Books

Blood Ties

Dinesh mentions Suka entombed in a tomb of ice.

Fire and Ice

Suka first appears in Chapter 9: Ice City, frozen in a block of ice in the great hall of the Ice Castle. She is found by Abeke and Meilin. Meilin then brings the rest of their group and Maya begins to melt the ice over the Crystal Polar Bear. This wakes Suka who breaks her prison and starts destroying the city. She was described at that time as having no intelligence in her eyes, just the wildness of a trapped predator. She then begins a spree of mass destruction and would have killed the Greencloaks and the inhabitants of the Ice City, had not Meilin used the Slate Elephant talisman to enlarge Jhi and made sure that Suka was affected by Jhi's calming powers. It works and Suka calms down enough to greet Jhi in a way befitting bears. After they touched necks Suka speaks with Jhi, the Greencloaks explain everything that had happened since Suka trapped herself. Suka expresses regret at not having helped in the war against The Devourer. She states that before she froze herself, Halawir the Eagle asked to borrow her talisman which made her wonder what would a happen if a new Devourer rose this time with all the talismans, which was the reason she froze herself as she wished to keep her talisman safe. Suka realizes that if she wants peace she must hand over her talisman to the Greencloaks, so she gives it to Rollan before leaving to hunt.

The Evertree

Suka along with the other Great Beasts sacrifice the themselves to stop Kovo from getting complete control of Erdas.



  • Suka seemed to realize her mistake of not fighting in the first war, and to make it up, she fights in the last book, sacrificing herself to kill Gerathon
  • Suka is an old instrument similar to a violin that quickly died out in popularity, it is also an insult in several languages. 
  • A unique weapon in the game is the Crystal Warhammer of Suka.
  • Suka's name could come from the Inuit word siku, meaning 'sea ice' or just simply 'ice'.
  • In Fire and Ice, Suka's eyes were described as black, but on the cover of Tales of the Fallen Beasts they are blue.
  • Meilin says that Suka is about 5 humans tall, but on the cover of Fire and Ice, Rollan is about half her height.

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