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Tahlia is a girl from Stetriol who first appeared in Hunted. Her spirit animal is a water-holding frog named Tiddalik.


Tahlia was born in Stetriol. She was recruited by Zerif into a group of young Conquerors who had legendary spirit animals (Tiddalik being a frog from an ancient Stetriolan legend/story). In Fire and Ice, she fought at the battle at the docks, and was supposedly killed in Maya's inferno; however, she returns in The Book of Shane #4 as her new identity, The Reptile Queen. Tahlia/The Reptile Queen was meant to be placed in Stetriol's throne, but Shane and his supporters dissembled her "army" and left her defenseless. Tahlia attempted to stab Shane, but she missed and fell into the ocean instead, and was dragged underwater and drowned by a crocodile.


Tahlia has blond hair.[1] In the Book of Shane, she wears a white mask, Stetriol's opal crown, and a long white dress. When she takes off her mask, she reveals ugly burn scars from the battle in Fire and Ice.

In the Books


Tahlia and Karmo intercept Conor as he tries to flee from Trunswick. Later, Tahlia and the rest of the false legends have a conversation with Zerif. When Zerif refers to them as children, Tahlia seems annoyed. Zerif then gives the four kids a speech, but they appear uninterested.

Fire and Ice

Tahlia fights Abeke during the dock battle, wounding her and demanding her to scream. Abeke manages to deter her, and instead Tahlia and Ana team up against Rollan. Meilin jumps in and protects Rollan, however, easily immobilizing the two Conqueror girls. When fleeing, Rollan steps on Tiddalik, Tahlia's spirit animal, but cannot tell if he killed the frog or not. Maya throws an inferno at the Conquerors shortly after, and Tahlia and Ana are thought to have died in the aftermath.

The Book of Shane

Venture (Book 4)

Tahlia, under the name 'The Reptile Queen', is the true commander of The New Conquerors. She appears when she overlooks Shane and Maddox's battle, but Shane doesn't recognize her due to her white mask. When Karmo mentions someone named The Reptile Queen, Shane seems to realize who the masked girl is. When he is about to be executed, he tells the masked girl that he is sorry, and the girl finally reveals herself as Tahlia. She commands for Shane to be thrown into the sea, intending to let a crocodile kill him in an act of irony. Shane manages to deter the crocodile, however, and attempts to persuade Tahlia to join his side. Tahlia resists and attacks him with a knife, leading to her falling into the sea and being killed by the crocodile instead.



Tahlia was somewhat close to Shane during the war. When she "died" in Fire and Ice, Shane decided to pursue a new plan, where Gerathon would control one of the Four Fallen (Meilin), perhaps out of grief for Tahlia and to get revenge. It's also possible that Shane borrowed the idea of the Redcloaks' white masks from Tahlia.


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