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Takoda is a boy from Southern Nilo who has summoned Kovo the ape.


Takoda was raised by monks in southern Nilo before he summoned Kovo. The Greencloaks found him before Zerif could steal Kovo, and took them to Greenhaven. Takoda joined Conor and Meilin on their quest underground in Sadre. He has a complicated bond with Kovo; however, they can sign to each other, even though they only know a few words. Takoda has not officially joined the Greencloaks.


Takoda is a skinny boy with dark skin and a shaved head. His hair is black. Meilin thought he looked almost Zhongese, although he has a Niloan accent. He is about Rollan's height.[1]

In the Books

Immortal Guardians

Takoda is brought to Greenhaven with Kovo after he summons him to prevent Zerif from stealing Kovo. When they later travel into The Petral Mountains to find a drawing of a fanged jaw like open doorway Kovo continues to sketch in charcoal, Takoda remarks on rapidly his life had changed. He and Meilin and Conor travel along trails of a abandoned city, jump across trapped moats and try to follow Kovo when he runs away to finding the jaw like doorway across the lost city. He also thinks about joining the Greencloaks someday, if it did not offend Kovo. He later in the book convinces Kovo to use passive before entering skinny tunnels. It is later revealed that hundreds of years ago, Kovo tried to save Erdas from the Wyrm, if it were to escape, shocking Takoda and the others amazingly, being referenced as the " Wisest Great Beast" by Xanthe and her people.



Takoda and Xanthe become good friends throughout Immortal Guardians. Takoda accidentally bumps into her when they are travelling to Phos Astos, and Xanthe blushes. There is a tiny bit of evidence that they may like each other, this is most likely due to the fact that the Sadreans admire Kovo (who is bonded to Takoda). She also come out of Sadre with their hands entwined in The Burning Tide.


Kovo is Takoda's spirit animal. Although sometimes the ape will not listen to his partner, they are able to use sign language with each other. While underground, Kovo uses the sign "little friend" to refer to Takoda, and Takoda uses "big friend" for Kovo. Kovo was visibly jealous when Takoda was talking and laughing with Xanthe, showing that he does care for Takoda. Kovo also chose the location on Takoda where he would take passive form; the boy's neck.


  • Eliot Schrefer said that he'd like Takoda and Xanthe to end up together.[2]
  • Faisel, Kirat, and Takoda are the only characters of dual heritage. All three of them are Niloan-Zhongese.
  • His name is Native-American, from the meaning 'friend to everyone'.
  • Takoda's name could be derived from 'Takoba' , a type of sword that was used in the west of the Sahel in Africa.  


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