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Tepin caught the bird's eye, round and shining. It was as if it somehow knew Tepin, as if it had been searching for the boy a long time.

–Book Quote, from Part 1: Ninani[1]

Tale of the Great Beast Ninani is an extra chapter from Tales of the Great Beasts. It was released on the forums[2], and is written by Billy Merrell. It can be read on the forums, or on this wiki.

Official Summary

Discover the story behind the Nectar of Ninani (the same used in the Greencloaks’ Nectar Ceremony) and learn even more about the history of Erdas!


Tale of the Great Beast Ninani follows an Amayan boy named Tepin, an alpaca farmer who begins having dreams about Ninani the Swan. Wishing to find a cure for his friend Ifa, who develops the bonding sickness, he leaves his home to search for Ninani, who he believes lives near a large waterfall. Along the way he is saved by an old Greencloak named Anyati, and is then able to meet Ninani. Upon meeting Tepin, Ninani grants him the gift of the Nectar, calling him her "first Keeper". Though Tepin is not able to save Ifa in the end, it's implied that he either became a Greencloak or passed on the secret of the Nectar to the Greencloaks.




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