I will help rescue your spirit animal, or die trying.

–Book Quote, from Part 3: A Chill Wind

Tales of the Fallen Beasts is the second special edition book. Kovo, Gerathon, Halawir and Suka are depicted on the cover.

Official Summary

All across the world, legends are appearing. Great Beasts -- once the most powerful beings in Erdas -- are being summoned as spirit animals. Bonded to special kids, they unite the human and animal worlds.

But a mysterious stranger is hunting these legends, just as they are reborn, and he's crushing anyone who stands in his way.

These are the stories of those stolen legends, and of the young heroes who will stop at nothing to get them back. These are the Tales of the Fallen Beasts.


The fallen Great Beasts have begun returning to Erdas. Halawir the Eagle is bonded to a girl who lives with her parents as a trader. They are tricked and captured by Raisha and Zerif. Halawir falls under the control of Zerif, but not before seeing a Redcloak attempting to rescue them.

Later we meet the former bond of Suka the Polar Bear, Anuqi, who lost her spirit animal to the Wyrm. She eventually is discovered by the Redcloaks Grif (former bond of Arax the Ram) and Talon, who recruit her against the Wyrm. They are captured, but Grif escapes and asks a nearby group of Greencloaks for assistance. The Greencloaks, including the Keeper and Keith attack Raisha and her mercenaries while the three Redcloaks slip away. Raisha is defeated and captured at the hands of Keith.

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We also meet Devin Trunswick, now living poorly without a home due to his side losing the Second Devourer War. He meets Kunaya, and Raisha soon after. He learns that his brother Dawson has summoned a Great Beast and he heads to Trunswick. He soon finds out at Trunswick that Dawson summoned Rumfuss the Boar, and that the townspeople resent the Earl of Trunswick, who is broke from war debts and bail fees. Devin meets Karmo, who is now a Redcloak, and helps the townspeople revolt against his father. Raisha betrays Devin and Zerif enslaves Rumfuss. Devin and Dawson leave Trunswick with Karmo, who recruits them to the Redcloaks (Devin becoming Worthy.)

We meet Takoda, who summons Kovo the Ape, who painted pictures of spiral jawed monsters with his blood in his cell. They later leave the monastery where Takoda lives with Conor's help to escape a pursuing Zerif. Before they escape, Zerif manages to infect Conor instead of his spirit animal, Briggan the Wolf.

We finally see Raisha rotting away in a Greencloak prison. She summons Gerathon the Serpent and escapes with the aid of Zerif. Zerif betrays Raisha and enslaves Gerathon.



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