The Talismans are magical items that each of the Great Beasts has, each representing the Great Beast. The talismans all have special abilities that it can grant to the person wearing it. For example, if one were to wear the Bamboo Panda of Jhi, they would have the ability to endure more damage and heal injuries.

Talisman Power In-game bonuses
Amber Leopard of Uraza Increases attack speed and power +20.0% Melee Speed
Granite Ram of Arax Lets you jump very far and high ---
Iron Boar of Rumfuss Makes your skin impenetrable ---
Slate Elephant of Dinesh Makes your spirit animal grow gigantic ---
Crystal Polar Bear of Suka Gives you giant, invisible arms ---
Coral Octopus of Mulop Makes your body gelatinous so you can fit through small spaces, and lets you breathe underwater ---
Golden Lion of Cabaro Ability to create a supersonic roar from mouth ---
Silver Wolf of Briggan Sharpens the senses of smell and hearing, sometimes to the extent of prophecy +20.0% Critical Chance
Bamboo Panda of Jhi Grants you the power to heal +20.0% Health
Copper Falcon of Essix Strengthens your eyesight +20.0% Ranged Damage
Marble Swan of Ninani Creates the Nectar and quickens the hands +20.0% Movement Speed
Bronze Eagle of Halawir Allows the wearer to "nudge" the air around them, as one's hand might divert water in a stream +20.0% Ranged Speed
Jade Serpent of Gerathon Creates and controls the Bile ---
Obsidian Ape of Kovo Reveals weakness +20.0% Melee Damage
Platinum Elk of Tellun Frees you of the Bile (or cancels out another talisman) and gives you strengthened intelligence and wisdom, to the extent of prophecy ---
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