Talon is Worthy's friend. In the game, Worthy asks you to help him find Talon in the underground. Talon was revealed to have been kidnapped by a crazed Conqueror named Maddox. Worthy and the Keeper free Talon, but Maddox then kidnaps Worthy. In the last underground heroic quest, Maddox is defeated and Talon is reunited with Worthy.

Talon was revealed to be female and a good archer with the crossbow and a good tinkerer. She appears to have dark skin under her bird mask and is tall and willowy and has thin cheekbones. She's also the one who accidentally revealed that Worthy is really Devin Trunswick.


  • Talon's real identity was rumored to be Karmo, but it was proven false when Talon was referred to as female.
  • Her spirit animal is most likely a Secretary Bird.
  • She probably committed war crimes, as she is wanted by the Greencloaks.
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