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Tellun is an elk Great Beast and the leader of the Great Beasts In the second series, he is summoned as a spirit animal by a boy named Anda.


Tellun is an Elk and the most powerful Great Beast. The other Great Beasts, as well as the people and creatures of Erdas, hold tremendous respect for him. He imprisoned Kovo the Ape and Gerathon the Serpent for their crimes at the end of the first Great War. Tellun is gold, silver, and white[1] and his eyes were described to be multiple colors, 'like looking into the soul of the land itself.'[2] He is also the largest Great Beast.


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Tellun's talisman is the Platinum Elk. It grants freedom from the Bile without breaking the bond and may be able to cancel out another talisman's powers. It also has influence over the elements and communication with animals.

In the Books[]

The Evertree[]

Tellun appears in Conor's dream in the first chapter (later it was revealed to have been a fake dream sent by Kovo). Later in the book, when Kovo was freed by the Conquerors, Tellun appeared and gave the Four Fallen his talisman and a ride to Nilo, home of The Evertree. When they get there, Kovo asks Tellun for his talisman. Tellun refuses and rams himself into the Evertree, sacrificing himself to protect others from his power.

Immortal Guardians[]

Tellun is summoned by an Amayan boy named Anda. They seem to have a very strong bond, and Tellun even lets Anda ride on his back. However, Zerif uses the Wyrm to possess and capture Tellun, severing the bond between the elk and the boy.

The Burning Tide[]

At the end of The Burning Tide, Anda and Tellun are mentioned to have reunited.


Other Great Beasts[]

Tellun is considered the leader of the Great Beasts, as the elk being the most powerful. The Great Beasts greatly respect Tellun and his decisions, including Kovo and Gerathon.


Anda and Tellun have a very close bond despite only being bonded for a short time. They seemed to be the perfect match, and Tellun even let Anda ride on his back in Immortal Guardians. Anda tells Abeke that “I just think of him as my elk. And I'm his boy.”

Four Fallen[]

Tellun respects the Four Fallen a lot and apologizes for not standing with them in the First Devourer War.


  • A Unique weapon in the game is the Platinum Staff of Tellun.
  • ”By Tellun’s Wisdom” is a saying in the game.


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