Tepin, or the first Keeper, is the protagonist from Tale of the Great Beast Ninani. He lives in a mountain range in Amaya and was the first person to drink the Nectar of Ninani; which led to him to summon a Tayra.


Tepin is the older brother of he and Gobe, but their father always liked Gobe more due to him being stronger, faster and more agile than Tepin. Their family owns a herd of alpacas. He had been dreaming about Ninani for a while but had not told any one, not even his best friend Ifa, who is bonded to a chinchilla called Cachi.

In the E-Books

Tale of the Great Beast Ninani

After waking up from a dream about Ninani, Tepin received a note from his mother saying that Ifa is ill and that he should visit her in the Greencloak healer (Anyati)'s hut. He is wary at first because of rumors that Anyati is a witch, but his worry for Ifa is greater than his fear. Leaving his chores to Gobe, he leaves to visit Ifa.

He recalls a conversation with Ifa about her dreams to leave the mountain before arriving at Anyati's hermitage. He calms himself by picturing Ninani and walks up to the door, only to be met by a colony of bats. Anyati meets him by the door, and from the blood on Anyati's apron, he assumes that Anyati is harming Ifa. He finds Ifa bloody and pale, but is pulled away by the Greencloak. Tonga, Anyati's spirit animal (a vampire bat) scuttles up Tepin's arm towards his neck, but Anyati scolds him and tells him to behave. Then Anyati uses a rag to soak up Ifa's blood and diagnoses her with the bonding sickness.

Tepin asks Anyati if she had seen Ninani and then decides to leave the mountain to look for her. He arrives through the jungles at the foot of the mountain, and realizes he is being followed by a creature that looks 'dog-like'. He gets a clear look at the creature just before it saves him from a python attack. In the confusion, Tepin falls into a river but manages to climb onto a log. Eventually he falls asleep, and in his dream Ninani gives him her talisman.

When he wakes up, Tepin sees Anyati signaling to him to stay out of the water and realizes that he has been surrounded by piranhas in the river below. Anyati then allowed Tonga to suck her blood. Tonga flies downstream of Tepin and dribbles the blood into the river luring the piranhas off and letting Tepin swim to shore.

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