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Teutar is a Sadrean pirate, and captain of the Meleager, a ship full of only female pirates that sails the Sulfur Sea. She has no spirit animal, and her age is unknown.


Teutar is a Sadrean pirate with pale skin, pink eyes and white hair that is braided and put in a bandana. She wears neat gray trousers and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up, revealing skinny blue lines on her arms. These are later revealed as tattoos that all the pirates have, and that glow when wanted because of special ink.


Teutar has probably lived on the Meleager her whole life. When she was first introduced she was the former captain, Atalanta's (who as a huge Jhi-sized bullfrog named Perth for a spirit animal) first mate on the ship. When Conor signaled her by lighting a torch she brought them aboard, learning that they were lost, hungry uplanders. She at first brings the three to her captain, Atalanta. Meilin explains how they got there, and why, and asks for a meal and bed, in exchange for stories and later -if possible- payment, as well as guidance to the Evertree to stop the Wyrm. Atalanta accepts this offer and shares a meal of bread, meat(fish), and mushrooms, witch they eat. Then, when Atalanta offers a bed and guidance, Teutar hesitates. She does not fully trust them. Then when she finds that Conor is infected, Atalanta does not trust them either, and decides to kill Conor. When Meilin, begins to fight, she and Takoda and Conor lose, and lock themselves in a room with some leftover food. Later, when Conor wants sacrifice himself to Erdas, Meilin decides to surrender, and Teutar lets them out, animals in dormant, except Briggan. She then is just about to kill Conor, when he convulses, causing her to leap back. He then says the Wyrm is over there, awake, and Teutar decides they need help to fight the two possessed sea eels that are now attacking the ship. When Perth goes overboard from the ship's rocking, Atalanta goes after him, and gives her duties as captain of the sinking ship to Teutar, then leaves, and never comes back. She then sends the three off on the rescue boat, giving them Evertree advice. The Meleager sinks anyway, which ends up leaving Conor, Meilin, and Takoda alone on an island with the Evertree, and the awakened Wyrm.



Teutar had a deep respect for her captain, but did not seem to be afraid to question her.

In the Books

The Return

This is the only book Teutar is in. View biography above for what happens.

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