The Bile

As revealed in The Evertree , Gerathon's talisman creates and controls the Bile. Gerathon and Kovo firset had the idea of creating this liquid so that they could take over Erdas . With it's power to summon a Spirit Animal of your choice, all the Conquerors drank it. If a human drinks the Bile, the first animal that they see afterwards becomes their spirit animal. Unlike natural bonds, however, the Bile gives all the control to the human partner. If someone that already has a Spirit Animal drinks the Bile, then they simply get all the control of the bond. If you drink the Bile and would have summoned a Spirit Animal, then that animal appears, as if you had been drinking Nectar. If an animal drinks the Bile, they turn into large savage monsters that attack on site. The Conquerors used these animals to attack the Heroes of Erdas many times. In all cases of drinking the Bile, the creature or person who drank it can then be controled by Gerathon . Gerathon can control what they say and do. When she is controlling them, they get snake eyes. When Gerathon died, all the Bile enslaved animals and spirit animals fled, except a few, who merged with their partners and make them neither animal nor human.

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