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The Book of Shane[1] is four special editions of Spirit Animals, written by Nick Eliopulos. In the paperback version (which includes all four parts of the trilogy), Tui T. Sutherland wrote an introduction which starts with a conversation between Mulop and Kovo with Shane being the subject.

Official Summary[]

This trilogy of e-shorts shines a light on one of the most compelling-- and dangerous--villains of the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling series.


Official Summary

There are two sides to every story.

Throughout their quest to save the world, Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan have faced off against a brutal enemy force: the Conquerors. Their vicious tactics have toppled countries and devastated families.

Shane is a Conqueror. A boy himself, he's been both a mysterious friend and cunning foe to the heroes--with a past more complicated than any of them realized. 

Now Shane's story will finally be told... and history will be written by the victors.


In the introduction, Mulop the Octopus visits Kovo the Ape in his prison at Muttering Rock. They have a short conversation about the story of Shane, Mulop being intrigued by the young boy king, and Kovo stating that he could care less about him. They both end the introduction by saying "In the end, who is Shane, after all?"

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Official Summary

Now and then, to accomplish something great, you have to do something bad. Shane intends to end the conflict that's devastating Erdas... and to achieve that, he's just done something very bad. 

While returning home from a fateful victory, the young Conqueror discovers he's being pursued, and must seek cover in a war-torn jungle.

But the forest holds dangers of its own, and before long Shane is fighting for his life. If he's going to win this war, Shane will need to outmaneuver a deadly pursuer -- and his own guilty conscience.

Official Summary

The war is over and Erdas is rebuilding. It seems everyone is celebrating a new age of peace. Everyone except Shane. Shane wants revenge. The young Conqueror is on the hunt, tracking a target who knows his every move before it happens. He’s closing in on his prey—but the closer Shane gets, the more he begins to see patterns in the shadows. Shane can sense a trap is waiting. He’s being led down a path that he may not be able to return from. Will he abandon his quest for vengeance... or follow it into the darkness?

Official Summary

Shane is building an army, but first he needs to destroy one. A group of former Conquerors has set up camp in a hidden cove, led by a mysterious figure who calls herself the Reptile Queen, and they're raiding any unlucky villages that happen to be close by. Shane is determined to discover the identity of this would-be tyrant--and take her down if necessary.

A dark power is awakening from beneath Erdas. Shane means to fight it, but he'll need help. With their spirit animals gone and the world turned against them, this desperate band of raiders might represent an opportunity. Shane could still turn some of them to his side...

But that's only if they don't kill him first.


Shane is captured by Maddox's army. He fought against Maddox, and is injured. While being healed it is revealed his crocodile tattoo has become a waxy crocodile-shaped scar. Shane gives Viktor a glowing purple mushroom which he and Yumaris presumably found after the last Book of Shane exploring Sadre. Maddox's warrior raiders return from raiding ships. It includes Karmo, Yeffa, and Fito (the last two are Conquerors the Keeper has defeated). Shane meets Karmo when he is running away from the camp. Shane is accused of treachery and is put into the Reptile House. There, Shane reveals Tahlia supposedly died during the battle for Suka's talisman. Karmo also has his tattoo fading away. Karo tells Shane Maddox's boss is the Reptile Queen. Shane is sent to be executed the next day. It is revealed Tahlia is the Reptile Queen. Shane is thrown into the water to be eaten by a crocodile. Meanwhile, Karmo fights the Conquerors and it is revealed Timote's spirit animal now distrusts him as his Bile bonds are fading. Tahlia is eaten by the crocodile and Shane and Karmo have won. Maddox ran off, presumably to the events in the Cavern Quests in the game, where he is eventually defeated by the Keeper (not in this book).



  • Every book in the trilogy has a title beginning with 'Ven.'
  • The letter telling you the code is a Conqueror letter instead of a Greencloak letter.


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