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The Dragon's Eye is an ancient bond token, which is featured in the book of the same name. It is a small green jewel, and it was wielded by Xin Kao Dai, a legendary hero of Zhong. It gives the user the power to enlarge their spirit animal and have influence over water. Princess Song uses The Dragon's Eye in an attempt to create a tsunami.


The original jewel was given to Xin Kao Dai after he had saved the daughter of an emperor. The jewel was then made into a bond token capable of controlling water.


The Eye can be used to give their water dragon spirit animal immense power and strength, almost like Dinesh's talisman. But the main use for the Eye is using it to control water. Users can raise tsunamis and also breathe underwater.


  • The Eye is smaller than a pigeon's egg, and a pigeon's egg is about the size of a quarter in width, so the Dragon's Eye is roughly the size of a quarter.
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