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The Evertree is a huge tree located in Nilo, the heart of Erdas. The enemy Conquerors damaged the Evertree in the first Devourer war, and it hurt the human animal bonds. It connects the human and animal bonds. It is also the name of the seventh book. The Evertree formerly held the Wyrm in its roots. After its death, the new Evertree had trouble holding the alien Wyrm and parasites wriggled out. It began to rot from the evil beneath its trunk. Every time the tree is damaged, the spirit animal bond is frayed.


The Evertree is a massive tree that has silver bark, and golden leaves. It resides in Nilo, the first land in all of Erdas. It is in the center of a crater formed when the Wyrm egg landed on it, causing the mass-extinction event that somehow created the Great Beasts, who were the only ones of their species to survive the impact. "She" is the mother of all life: Great Beasts and their talismans, plant-life, animals and humans, and the bonding process. At the end of the first series, the original Evertree died after all of the Great Beasts sacrificed themselves, but after its death it left a new seedling. Lenori currently has the job of watching over the new tree. It was sickened during the Wyrm War.

Damage to the Evertree

The Evertree has been hurt or killed several times in its history. The first time it was hurt was when the Wyrm egg crashed on it. A long time after, it was hurt in the First Devourer War. Several centuries later, the tree died in the conclusion of the Second Devourer War. It regrew, though was decayed badly during the Wyrm War, forcing it to retract its roots. It is assumed that after the destruction of the Wyrm the tree has been healed.


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