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The Great Beasts are fifteen large animals, including the Four Fallen. They act as Erdas’ ‘demigods.’ Every beast has a unique talisman, which in the game give special bonuses. Tellun the Elk is the most powerful and respected of the Great Beasts. In the first series, the Four Fallen are summoned as spirit animals In the second series, the rest are summoned as spirit animals.


The Great Beasts emerged when The Wyrm's egg fell into Erdas and damaged The Evertree, killing all animals around it except for the fifteen Great Beasts. As life began to form again, the Great Beasts became Erdas' gods. The people of Erdas worship them as such, although some were still skeptical of their existence before the arrival of the Four Fallen. The Great Beasts are much larger than normal animals and rarely show themselves to humans. Some consider humans to be a threat (Cabaro the Lion, for example) while others are more friendly towards them (like Dinesh the Elephant and Mulop the Octopus).

Before the First Devourer War, Kovo the Ape and Gerathon the Serpent sided with humans in order to control all of Erdas. The other Great Beasts considered this a betrayal, as they were destroying Erdas, the world they were sworn to protect. Thus, the Four Fallen fought against Kovo and Gerathon on the side of the Greencloaks, and were killed. Although the Four Fallen died, the Greencloaks still won the war thanks to them, and Kovo and Gerathon were imprisoned by Tellun. The war proved that Great Beasts could be killed and that they are not as godly as previously believed to be.

The Four Fallen are reincarnated as spirit animals, animals bonded to humans. They lose their 'powers' and appear as normal spirit animals. Soon after, Gerathon escapes from her prison and prepares to free Kovo (who is stuck in a much stronger prison) as well. Once again, Kovo and Gerathon are able to raise an army and attempt to conquer Erdas, and the Four Fallen fight against them. Halawir the Eagle, who was supposed to be guarding Kovo's prison, decides to join Kovo and Gerathon as well. The two sides pursue the Great Beasts' talismans, in which in the end, the Conquerors gain almost all of them. Kovo is freed, but shortly after, the other Great Beasts confront him at The Evertree. A battle takes place and the Great Beasts begin to sacrifice themselves to protect their power from Kovo. In the end, the Great Beasts are all sacrificed (excluding the Four Fallen) and the Greencloaks win the war once again. The Great Beasts who died are later reincarnated into spirit animals as well.

List of the Great Beasts[]

Great Beast Talisman Summoner
Briggan the Wolf (Male) The Silver Wolf Conor
Uraza the Leopard (Female) The Amber Leopard Abeke
Jhi the Panda (Female) The Bamboo Panda Meilin
Essix the Falcon (Female) The Copper Falcon Rollan
Arax the Ram (Male) The Granite Ram Grif Burnam
Dinesh the Elephant (Male) The Slate Elephant Kaiina
Rumfuss the Boar (Male) The Iron Boar Dawson Trunswick
Suka the Polar Bear (Female) The Crystal Polar Bear Anuqi
Cabaro the Lion (Male) The Golden Lion Kirat
Mulop the Octopus (Male) The Coral Octopus Niri
Ninani the Swan (Female) The Marble Swan Tasha
Halawir the Eagle (Male) The Bronze Eagle Cordalles
Gerathon the Serpent (Female) The Jade Serpent Raisha
Kovo the Ape (Male) The Obsidian Ape Takoda
Tellun the Elk (Male) The Platinum Elk Anda

Talisman Powers[]

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  1. Amber Leopard: Increases attack speed and power.
  2. Granite Ram: Lets you jump very far and high.
  3. Slate Elephant: Makes your spirit animal grow gigantic.
  4. Crystal Polar Bear: Gives you giant, invisible arms.
  5. Iron Boar: Makes your skin impenetrable.
  6. Coral Octopus: Makes your body gelatinous so you can fit through small spaces, and lets you breathe underwater.
  7. Bamboo Panda: Grants you the power to heal.
  8. Marble Swan: Creates the Nectar, and quickens the hands
  9. Copper Falcon: Strengthens your eyesight.
  10. Obsidian Ape: Reveals weakness.
  11. Jade Serpent: Creates and controls the Bile.
  12. Golden Lion: Ability to create a supersonic roar from the mouth.
  13. Bronze Eagle: Allows the wearer to 'nudge' the air around them, as one's hand might divert water in a stream.
  14. Silver Wolf: Sharpens the senses of smell and hearing, sometimes to the extent of prophecy.
  15. Platinum Elk: Grants freedom from the Bile without breaking the bond, and may be able to cancel out another talisman's powers.


  • Dinesh stated in Blood Ties that the Great Beasts are like siblings. They are all stewards of Erdas, and no regular animal, as great as they are, can become a Great Beast.
  • Unique melee weapons in the game are based on the talismans.
  • Briggan the Wolf is the only male member of The Four Fallen.
  • In a livestream, the moderators of the Spirit Animals website stated that there will be only fifteen Great Beasts when asked if there will be a new set of them.