The Hawkers are people who create and sell fake Nectar, and also sell spirit animal pelts.

In the Books


The Hawkers were encountered by Finn, Meilin, and Abeke. Two Hawkers informed them about the legend of the black wildcat and presented Kunaya, telling them that the cat was a baby black wildcat, although Meilin already knew Kunaya was just a normal house cat. Kunaya was then traded to them in exchange for Abeke's elephant-hair bracelet. When Abeke went to grab Kunaya, the Hawkers saw Uraza's tattoo. One of them held a knife to Abeke's throat and told her to summon her spirit animal. Meilin knocked one Hawker down and held a knife to his throat in return, demanding that he return the elephant-hair bracelet in exchange for his life. She then summoned Jhi and Abeke summoned Uraza, Meilin telling the Hawkers "this is a real legend".

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