The Many are pale humans that lost their memory and logic [minus Zerif] from the Wyrm's parasites, but were once people.


The Many have lost their minds and reason. They appear to attack anyone they see other than themselves using their jaws and their long claws to slice and bite open flesh, and act as the Wyrm's minions; working for it until it awakens.


The Many are sometimes quadrupedal, with long, skinny arms. They have twisted yellowed nails and gray-white skin. They are mostly bald, and have wide pink eyes, with large pupils. They can be momentarily blinded by bright light, but they then continue to move forwards blindly, with their eyes shut. One had the same height and weight as Meilin.

In The Books

Immortal Guardians

When Meilin travels through the tunnel, she chooses to drop down at the end and finds herself surrounded by the creatures, Conor then later with Takoda see them crawling through the tunnel and try to fight them off with Kovo. A large light stuns the Many and Xanthe saves them. Then later the Screamers go off and Ingailor, Takoda, Meilin, Conor, Xanthe and Kovo turn the dam cranks and wash thousands of The Many away in the ensuing flood as they attempt to cross into Phos Astos. Toward the end of the book The Many sneak in, setting off the Screamers but having no trap reset, break into Phos Astos and killing everyone in the city except Conor, Meilin, Takoda and Xanthe, leaving no more Sadreans left but Xanthe.


  • The Many have low intelligence and behave like ants with the Wyrm as the queen
  • The Many are blinded by light.
  • Some Many used to protect Erdas from the Wyrm as Sadreans but now are helping it.
  • The Many used to be people but then got infected by the Wrym.
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