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The Oathbound are the leaders of Erdas' guards. They wear black uniforms, brass vambraces, and brass collars. They are sworn to protect all of Erdas' leaders and defy the The Greencloaks.

In Stormspeaker, it is revealed that Anka is the leader of the Oathbound.

Oathbound names appear to be the opposite of what the person is actually like and very ironic. Brunhild the Merry is very grouchy, Kana the Honest was a liar and a spy, Wikam the Just has no integrity, etc.

Known Oathbounds[]

  • Wikam the Just: The apparent leader of the Oathbound. Wikam is said to be very un-just and has a vulture as a spirit animal.
  • Brunhild the Merry: Brunhild is said to be very un-merry and has a stone viper as a spirit animal.
  • Cordelia the Kind: Cordelia claims to be “kind”, but only in comparison to things that would be less kind.
  • Sid the Generous: A very selfish man with a wolverine spirit animal.
  • Kana the Honest: The founder of the Oathbound who worked as a spy among the Four Fallen.

In the Books[]

Heart of the Land[]

The Oathbound relentlessly pursue the Four Fallen throughout the book, until a battle near the end, where Rollan creates a tunnel using the Heart of the Land, where the Oathbound cannot follow them.

The Wildcat’s Claw[]

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The Dragon’s Eye[]

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