The Ravens are an Amayan tribe whom the Greencloaks encounter in Wild Born. They are a proud people, willing to defend their lands against any who trespass.


Warriors of the Raven tribe wear minimal leather clothing (usually about their loins) and capes made of black bird feathers. Some paint their faces black and white or wear masks crafted of wood. They hunt using spears and bows, and are capable of moving stealthily through the forest without being seen or heard.

The Ravens live in a village in a meadow near the Amayan mountains where Arax lives. Their homes are made of animal skins, which are stretched over wooden frames for support. During the Greencloaks' visit to the village, Meilin noticed several fire pits, which were not lit, likely because the smoke would give away the village's position.


One of the tribe's leaders is a man named Derawat. He is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter, but Meilin easily defeated him in a trial by combat, earning the Greencloaks' safe passage.

A short man named Mohayli is another member of the tribe; he counted the blows Meilin delivered during her duel with Derawat.

It is unknown whether any members of the tribe have spirit animals.

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