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The Redcloaks are a mysterious group of individuals who fought against Zerif and the Wyrm. They are revealed to be former Conquerors who had their spirit animals in passive state when Gerathon died. Thus, they inherited all the powers their respective animals gave them in summoned state, as well as some physical traits. Their animal tattoos faded into their skin, leaving a waxy outline.

Like the Greencloaks, they seek to protect Erdas.


They had a polar ice fortress called the Place of Desolation, built by Hellans on the axis of Erdas, but it got destroyed in the battle against the Wyrm.

The Redcloaks' new base is a big tower on a remote beach on the southern end of Eura. At the top, Greenhaven can be seen, and from the walls of Greenhaven, the tower probably looks like a torch because of its sand-colored walls and hammered copper roof. Worthy called it “The Torch”.


The Redcloaks wear red cloaks and a white mask fashioned in the shape of their former spirit animal, with the exception being Shane. Their leader was King, revealed in The Return as Shane, with his second in command being known as Stead. After the Wyrm battle, Stead succeeded as leader after Shane's death. There are at least 14 members, known ones including Talon, Howl, Jolt (Karmo), Shadow, and Worthy (Devin), as well as Stead and King (Shane). They all wear masks, most of an animal, with the exception of King's pure white mask. Each Redcloak's mask is of their former spirit animal, and they have an extra in a cloak pocket. Shane may have gotten the idea of white masks from Tahlia, who had worn a white mask to hide her scars from the aftermath of Maya's fiery explosion in Fire and Ice.

List of Known Redcloaks


The Redcloaks have superhuman abilities, from agility to strength, and everything in between. It seems as though they had Bile bonds, and left their Spirit Animals in passive state when the Bile lost power. Eventually, their tattoos faded and they gained their former spirit animal's abilities. Shadow has the mask of a cat, and has feline grace. The Evertree's shudders don't seem to affect them. They also have physical traits akin to animals. King has bands of scales running down his forearms, and they fit like skin, not clothes. They seemed to act like scales, too, as he didn't seem to feel Essix's clawing. Some Redcloaks have fur, and some even tails, claws, etc. Worthy has cat eyes, Stead has ram eyes, and similarly with other Redcloaks. Each Redcloak also took on the likes and dislikes of their spirit animal.

In the Books

Immortal Guardians

When Rollan, Abeke, and Anda were ambushed by Zerif and were about to be defeated, a single Redcloak joined the fight and forced Zerif to retreat. It is noted that he had unusual strength and wore a white mask that looked "like one huge reptile scale".

Broken Ground

In the prologue of the book, three Redcloaks (Shadow, Stead, and Howl) are sitting atop a roof in Stetriol, watching a girl named Tasha and her spirit animal: Ninani the Swan. They almost have their cover blown by Howl but Tasha' father yells for Tasha to come inside, distracting the girl. They then leave the roof, saying that they would be back.

Later, Olvan mentions to Rollan and Abeke that a Redcloak who called himself Worthy had been at Greenhaven.

Near the end, the Redcloaks help Abeke, Rollan, and Tasha get to the Tellun's Pride II.

The Return

In Stetriol, after the Many attack the capital city, the Redcloaks extracted Tasha and the others while fighting off the Many. They lead the Greencloaks to a ship, from which they take them towards what King calls "The Place of Desolation." King is confirmed to be Shane in this book.

The Burning Tide

Rollan, Abeke, Kirat, and Tasha interact with the Redcloaks during their journey to the Arctic. Once they reach the volcano, Stead and many of the Redcloaks are shown with their masks off. After that, the Redcloaks help fight off a Many invasion of their base. They nearly succeed, though Flip is killed and so is Shane by Zerif. Then the Wyrm arrives and kills many Redcloaks by crushing them with its tentacles. The Wyrm's strength inducement allows the Many to regroup and renew their efforts to overtake the volcano base.

Heart of the Land

Stead watches a hired group of workers finishing their new base. He summons Worthy over and tells him to follow the Four Heroes.

Worthy travels around with the Greencloaks, and gets them to trust him. During a very fierce losing battle after the Four reveal the Heart of the Land, Redcloak reinforcements arrive to hold off the Oathbound.

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